» Community and Civic Engagement at Chapman University

Chapman University has a rich history of engagement with communities near to and far from campus. Whether you're looking to learn more about social justice, participate in voter engagement efforts, incorporate civic development into your coursework, or join a student organization, community engagement is understood as a critical means to furthering the University's commitment to global citizenship.

Curricular and Scholarly Engagement

Curricular and scholarly engagement at Chapman includes teaching and research that involves community partners as co-educators in the curriculum and research.

Co-Curricular Engagement

Co-curricular engagement includes intentionally designed experiential learning opportunities that occur outside of formal curriculum.

University-Led Initiatives

University-led initiatives include University-wide commitments to specific issues or places in the community. 

Independent Initiatives

Independent initiatives include independent and/or collaborative efforts that impact the community but are not coordinated by the University. 

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Nina LeNoir, Ph.D.
Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education

Justin Koppelman, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Student Engagement