» Undeclared FAQ

How do I get advising as an undeclared student?

You are assigned to an advisor in the Academic Advising Center who can assist you in exploring majors at Chapman. 

When do I have to declare a major?

An undergraduate student must declare a major prior to completing sixty credits. Students who complete sixty credits and have not declared a major will be assigned a registration hold. Some majors require an application process, audition process, or pre-requisite courses that must be completed with a certain GPA requirement. We want you to be informed about the process of declaring majors for the areas you are interested in.

Can I enter Chapman as an undeclared major and still graduate in four years?
Some majors take more advanced planning than others, but generally speaking, you can come to Chapman as an undeclared student and still graduate in four years.  All students, including those with declared majors, take a number of credits in general education.  With the help of an advisor, you can select the general education courses that may lead to a choice of major while fulfilling requirements.

Can I change my mind once I declare a major?
Yes.  You can change your major or add a second major by filling out the Change of Major/Minor form on the Registrar's website.

Who will be my advisor after I declare a major?
Once a major is declared you can then visit your new department to be assigned to a faculty advisor in your department.  The Academic Advising Center can assist you with the transition into your new major by helping you to interpret your new program evaluation and plan for the remainder of your general education courses and students will work with their faculty advisor for any major-specific questions that they may have.

Where can I go for help relating my potential major(s) to careers?
The Career and Professional Development has a variety of resources, including personal career counseling and career assessments to assist you.