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Being undeclared is an opportunity for students to explore majors that align with their interests, strengths, and goals. The Academic Advising Center is here to help students in exploring and finding their major.

The Academic Advising Center offers students:

  • Undeclared major advising
  • Major and minor exploration
  • General education course planning
  • Understanding graduation requirements
  • Referrals to resources

When do students have to declare a major:

Undeclared students have to declare a major by the time they complete 60 credits. Students declare a major by completing a Change of Major/Minor form to the Office of the Registrar.

Meet with an Advisor:

New incoming Fall 2020 students, please see our New Students page for information on our advising process.  If you want to change your major before the start of the Fall semester, please contact the Office of Admissions for assistance.

Currently enrolled Chapman students:  Please email your Academic Advisor directly for assistance via email. Contact information can be found here.

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Majors that Require Additional Steps to Declare

The following majors either require an application, audition or review process. Please work with the department if you are considering one of these majors:

Steps to Declare a Major

  1. Download and print the Change of Major/Minor Form.
  2. Meet with the Department Chair of the Major to get their signature on the “Change of Program” Form. You can find the Department Chair on the Advising Portal.
  3. Turn in the Change of Major/Minor form to the Office of the Registrar.

Please note: To declare some majors, there may be an application, audition, or portfolio review process, or a set of courses that must be completed with certain GPA requirements before being permanent in the program (see above).

Change of Major/Minor Program Forms submitted at the Registrar's Office during priority registration dates will not be processed until the conclusion of the registration appointment period.

Still Deciding on a Major? Choosing a Major Checklist

  • View the list of majors and minors at Chapman to make a list of your top majors of interests.
  • Review the College Catalog to view major requirements and courses.
  • Take courses for your General Education requirements and electives to explore majors. There is a document called "Exploratory Courses for Chapman University Majors" that lists courses to explore majors and also count as General Education courses.
  • For questions, please contact the Academic Advising Center at advising@chapman.edu.
  • Make an appointment with a Faculty Program Advisor. Every major has a Faculty Program Advisor and it’s a good idea to meet with Program Advisors of the majors you are deciding on to learn more about the major, courses, and declaring the majors. The list of Program Advisors can be found on the Advising Portal.
  • Visit the Office of Career and Professional Development in 342 N. Glassell (Green House next to Fowler Law School).
    • The CDC offers many resources for Undeclared Students such as:
      • career self-assessments and Career Educator staff that you can meet with to explore careers.
      • an online Major Portal which can give you an idea what careers students can do with a particular major.
      • Internship opportunities.
  • Talk to students and faculty in the major
  • Join a Student Club or Volunteer opportunity. Visit the Student Life website on ways to get involved on campus.
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