» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Research for further assistance at (714) 628-2805.

+ - How do I find funding for my research?

Please see the Funding Opportunities page for information for external funding resources such as COS PIVOT, and direct links to selected funding agencies.

+ - What types of funding are available to me?

Grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements are the most common types of funding. Please see our Types of Agreements page for more details. You can also see the Fulbright Scholar Program page if you are interested in participating in international exchange.

+ - What can I use sponsored funding for?

Types of Funding:

  • Post Doctoral Fellowships (Fulbright, Sabbatical)
  • Basic, applied translational research
  • Clinical and Advocacy Work
  • Creative Activity
  • Faculty-guided student research
  • Interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Curriculum development
  • Equipment acquisition & laboratory renovation
  • Summer/sabbatical support & release time
  • Community outreach projects
  • Scholarly conferences
  • Student Services

+ - I am working with a PI at another institution and Chapman will be a Sub-Contract/Sub-Recipient. Do I still need to work with The Office of Research? Do I need to fill out an internal routing form?

Yes. Even though you are not the Lead PI for the project as a whole, you are the lead PI for Chapman University so you must still work with The Office of Research on the proposal submission and coordination with the lead institution. You will need to complete the Intent to Apply (ITA) [link to ITA] for Chapman University’s portion of the proposal and route the proposal internally.

+ - I’m registering myself into an electronic submission system to submit a proposal to a private foundation and they are asking for the Institutional or Authorized Official. Can I use my information since I will be the Principal Investigator (PI)?

  • Please see the ‘Institutional Information’ page for Chapman’s IO and AOR.

+ - Is it true that the proposal is awarded to the university, and not to the PI?

Yes. Although you, as the Principal Investigator (PI), are the individual responsible for carrying out the research project if awarded, the award is made to the University, not you as an individual. Therefore, the Authorized Official is the individual at Chapman University that is authorized to commit university resources and/or enter into legal contracts for services (e.g., EVP and COO).

+ - I’m filling out an online proposal application and they are asking for our DUNS number. What is that and where can I find it?

See our Proposal Preparation page, but also contact the Office of Research before continuing.

+ - What’s the difference between a grant and a gift?

Please see Types of Agreements.

+ - Can I submit proposals on my own?

All proposals must be submitted through the university. Fellowships to individuals are exempted from this requirement, unless the university will operate as the fiscal agent.

+ - Can I submit my proposal directly to the sponsor?

  • For some entities, proposals may need to be submitted by the PI. You still work with The Office of Research prior to submission in order to ensure compliance with sponsor and University policies. The Office of Research is responsible for ensuring that proposals are in compliance with federal, state, and university guidelines. This process helps to avoid potential complications at the award stage that may delay acceptance of the award.
  • Some proposals to corporations and foundations require approval from University Advancement (UA). In addition, some entities fund in the form of directed gifts—even though they may use the terminology “grant.”
  • If you are unsure about whether your proposal is for a gift or a grant, or if you can submit the proposal directly, please contact The Office of Research prior to moving forward.