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Student Scholar Ambassadors are a select group of accomplished students who have participated in academic research, creative activity, and/or applied to or received a prestigious fellowship/scholarship. They serve as liaisons for the Center for Undergraduate Excellence at various events, highlighting all our office has to offer faculty and students.

2019-2020 Ambassadors

photo of Aimee DeMier '20

Aimee DeMier '20

Major: Sociology
Research Focus: Data analysis on SPSS
photo of Alex Ballard '20

Alex Ballard '20

Co-Lead Ambassador
Majors: Political Science, Economics, History
Research Focus: The 1884 Berlin Conference: Eurocentric Borders and the Future of the African Continent
photo of Ashley Nichols '21

Ashley Nichols '21

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Research Focus: Cancer biology
photo of Cailyn Sakurai '21

Cailyn Sakurai '21

Major: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Minor: Psychology
Research Focus: Molecular genetics, pathogens
photo of Dwight Curry III '20

Dwight Curry III '20

Director of Campus & Community Outreach
Major: Health Sciences
Research Focus: Physiology, Bone health
photo of Edena Khoshaba '21

Edena Khoshaba '21

Majors: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Minor: Rhetoric and Writing Studies, Leadership Studies
Research Focus: Cancer Epidemiology, Methotrexate Neurotoxicity
photo of Faith Holloway '20

Faith Holloway '20

Major: Biological Sciences Minor: Business Administration
Research Focus: Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Animal Behavior, Gene Expression
photo of Jacky Dang '20

Jacky Dang '20

Co-Lead Ambassador
Major: Screenwriting, Peace Studies Minor: Africana Studies
Research Focus: Sociology, History (Gender Dynamics within Asian Diaspora)
photo of Jordan Skolnick '20

Jordan Skolnick '20

Major: Kinesiology
Research Focus: Food Science and Nutrition, IBD, Inflammation, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Gangliosides
photo of Kayla Slack '21

Kayla Slack '21

Major: Communication Studies
Research Focus: Speaker Credibility and Background Color
photo of Melissa Coyle '20

Melissa Coyle '20

Director of Membership
Major: Biological Sciences Minors: French, Honors
Research Focus: Breast cancer
photo of Natalie Paterson '20

Natalie Paterson '20

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Research Focus: Nutrigenomics and Biomedical sciences, Inflammatory Bowel Disease
photo of Nicole Williams '20

Nicole Williams '20

Major: Psychology and Integrated Educational Studies
Research Focus: Bilingual education, language acquisition, language brokering
photo of Ryly Yee '21

Ryly Yee '21

Major: Biological Sciences, Minor: Chemistry
Research Focus: Impacts of Weathering of Bioaccessibility on Arsenic Bearing Mine Wastes
photo of Saba Fatima '21

Saba Fatima '21

Major: Biological Sciences, Business Administration
Research Focus: Pharmaceutical sciences, melanoma/skin cancer
photo of Sarah Otto '20

Sarah Otto '20

Major: Biological Sciences
Research Focus: Marine Biology; effects of climate change on invertebrate behavior
photo of Skylar Petrichko '20

Skylar Petrichko '20

Major: Biological Sciences, Minor: Psychology
Research Focus: Comparative biomaterials, evolution
photo of Valeria Park '20

Valeria Park '20

Director of Marketing
Major: Business Administration, Economics
Research Focus: Bank Recapitalization Structure, Economic Crises
photo of Victoria Erickson '22

Victoria Erickson '22

Major: Biological Sciences
Research Focus: Molecular Biology, Immuno Oncology
photo of Vivian Luong '21

Vivian Luong '21

Major: Health Science
Research Focus: Health Psychology, Pain, Pediatrics, Positive Affect

Past Ambassadors

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Past Ambassadors


  • Alex Ballard '20 - Majors: Political Science, Economics, and History
  • Emily Cauble '19 - Major: Biological Sciences
  • Daniel Chang '19 - Major: Chemistry
  • Melissa Coyle '20 - Major: Biological Sciences
  • Jacky Dang '20 - Majors: Peace Studies and Screenwriting
  • Ryley Hall '19 - Major: Chemistry
  • Natasha Hikita '20 - Major: Psychology
  • Edena Khoshaba '21 - Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Jake Naturman '19 - Majors: Screenwriting and History
  • Ashley Nichols '21 - Majors: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Valeria Park '20 - Major: Economics and Business Administration


  • Sarah Alexander '18 - Major: Mathematics
  • Humam Alkhaled '18 - Major: Biological Sciences
  • Jessica Bocinski '18 - Majors: Art History and Anthropology
  • Chloe Horner '18 - Majors: Psychology and English Literature
  • Haley Miller '18 - Major: Environmental Science and Policy 
  • Katie Peck '18 - Major: Art 
  • Jesse Rush '18 - Majors: Biological Sciences and Spanish
  • Nadiya Upegui '18 - Major: Mathematics


  • Shannon Corenth '17 - Major: Theater Performance
  • Jessica Bocinski '18 - Majors: Art History and Anthropology 
  • Nicole Hornaday '16 - Major: Biological Sciences 
  • Lena Romano '17 - Majors: Theatre Studies and Sociology 
  • Natalie Tom '17 - Major: Chemistry 
  • Benji Whitemore '17 - Major: Chemistry 


  • Alexander Himstead '17 - Major: Biology
  • Morgan Green '16 - Majors: English Literature and Theatre Studies 
  • Emma Plotnik '16 - Major: Music 
  • Kayla Velloso '17 - Major: Communications Studies 

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