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The CUSP Analytical Core Facility, established in 2015, is located at Chapman University School of Pharmacy, the first School of Pharmacy in Orange County, California. The facility is equipped with both basic and advanced analytical instrumentations required in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological research. The facility provides research and training support to researchers from Chapman University and other academic/non-profit institutions and private companies.

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Equipment Training

All first-time users of equipment must obtain training from the Core Facility staff on how to properly operate the equipment. The mandatory instrument operator training is provided at no cost. After completing the training users of the facility have independent access to all technologies located in the facility. Full operator assisted analysis service is available upon additional fee-for-service basis.

Consumable Supplies

The Core Facility provides training, access to the equipment, and any needed assistance. It does not provide consumable supplies, such as solvents, other chemicals, reagents, standards, culture flasks, media, filters, chromatographic columns, pipettes, tips, tissue paper, etc., which are the responsibility of the users. If used, it will be billed in addition to the instrument usage rate.

Request for Access

All first-time users are required to complete the online registration form approved by the principal investigator and sent by e-mail to the Core Facility Coordinator. Unregistered usage of the Facility is prohibited. The Facility is open during normal business hours (8:30 am to 5:30 pm). After-hour access can be granted when specifically requested and approved by the Facility Coordinator. Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows will generally not have after-hour access without supervision by a trained individual from the same laboratory.

Equipment Fees

  • All Chapman Investigators have free access
  • One time submission or use: create a Purchase Order
  • Multiple submission or use: create a blanket order
  • Minimum unit rate per hour or per sample will be applied

Invoice will be provided for all facility usage on monthly basis

Instrument Chapman (Operator Assisted Academia/ non-profit** For profit/ Corporate**
Bruker LC/MS $65/hr $100/hr $200/hr
Bruker MALDI-TOF MS $65/hr $100/hr $200/hr
Shimadzu LC/MS $65/hr $100/hr $200/hr
Shimadzu Protein sequencer* $400/sample $400/Sample $500/Sample
Shimadzu UV/VIS Spectrometer $65/hr $20/hr $40/hr
PCR/ RT-PCR $65/hr $25/hr $50/hr
Analytical HPLC/UPLC $65/hr $50/hr $200/hr
Preparative HPLC $65/hr $100/hr $200/hr
Bio-Rad FPLC $65/hr $100/sample $200/sample
Bio-Rad Imager $65/hr $25/gel $50/gel
BD FACS $65/hr $100/hr $200/hr
Bio-Rad PCR and RT-PCR $65/hr $50/hr $100hr
Multi-mode Plate reader $65/hr $25/hr $50/hr
Bruker FTIR Spectrometer $65/hr $25/hr $100/hr
Centrifugation (High Speed / Ultra) $65/hr $50/hr $100/hr
Cell Culture Facility (Hood) $65/hr $100/hr $200/hr
Cell Culture (Incubator) $25/day $25/day $100/day
Microscope Facility $65/hr $50/hr $100/hr

* Operator assisted service only. Minimum sequence of 10 amino acid residue. Additional sequence billed at $40/residues.

** Rates do not include additional operator-assisted service at $65/hr.

Acknowledgement of Facility

All Core Facility users are required to acknowledge specific services in their scientific meeting abstracts and publications: The research was made possible by the use of the CUSP Research Core Facility, supported by the Office of Associate Dean of Research, Graduate Studies and Global Affairs

Contact Analytical Core Facility Coordinator

Aftab Ahmed, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor/Coordinator Core Facility
9501 Jeronimo Road, Room 206
Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: (714) 516-5465
Cell: (949) 304-3687
Email: aahmed@chapman.edu