headshot photo of Tom McLoughlin

Tom McLoughlin

Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts


Tom McLoughlin is an award-winning American writer and director. His five feature films have all dealt in the thriller/horror/ fantasy genre. One Dark Night starred Meg Tilly and centered around the world of paranormal activity. His Friday the 13th Part VI, Jason Lives is considered the critical and fan favorite of the series for blending dark humor with horror. French star Emmanuel Beart appeared as a winged ethereal beauty in his romantic comedy Date With An Angel. Steven King’s Sometimes They Come Back was so successful it spawn two sequels. And his feature The Unsaid starring Andy Garcia was nominated for a Golden Star and won the Audience Award at the Marrakech Film Festival.

He also co-wrote and co-produced the film Fairy Tale, a True Story for Paramount.

In television he was nominated for an Emmy as a writer on NBC’s Van Dyke & Company series. He wrote two episodes for Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, was a story editor, writer, and director on Friday the 13th: The Series and for Universal created the series They Came From Outer Space and She-Wolf of London.

In television movies, Tom has directed over thirty films, including the Golden Globe and Emmy nominated mini-series In a Child’s Name, Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Journey starring Jason Robards & Brenda Fricker,), Murder of Innocence starring Valerie Bertinelli, Molly Ringwald in Something to Live For – The Allison Gertz Story, Kirk Douglas in Take Me Home Again, and NAACP nominated The Wronged Man starring Julia Ormond. His films for the USA Network were both controversial subjects Murder in Greenwich and D.C. Sniper which won Best Television Movie for the NAACP Awards and Best Male Star for Charles Dutton.

His television pilot and episodic work includes ABC’s Leaving L.A., Steven Spielberg’s The Others, Lifetime’s Fiona, TNT’s Saving Grace, CBS’s Without a Trace, Showtime’s Steven Banks Show, and Lifetime’s Any Day Now.

McLoughlin has also directed a number of plays and had studied mime for a year in Paris with with French master Marcel Marceau. He was the founder/director of the L.A. Mime Company who appeared on numerous TV shows and live productions.

Before moving behind the camera, Tom acted in films, TV series, and over 60 commercials to pay the bills while he wrote scripts. As a teenager he was a rock singer and performer in bands who opened for rock legends like The Doors, Love, The Animals, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly, and The Seeds. Ironically, two years ago Tom returned to his wild rock and roll performing when The Sloths single ‘Makin’; Love’ was discovered selling on eBay for $6,650. He is currently singing with The Sloths in clubs and rock festivals in between his writing and directing career. He resides in Glendale, Ca with his actress wife Nancy and their two children.