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Dr. Nathaniel Wilcox

Economic Science Institute
The George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics
Expertise: Risk; Econometrics; Statistics
Office Location: Wilkinson Hall 110
Phone: (714) 628-7212
Scholarly Works:
Digital Commons
State University of New York At Binghamton, Bachelor of Arts
University of Chicago, Ph.D.


Research Interests:

Decisions, Beliefs and Learning, Applied Econometrics, Experimental Methods

Recent Publications:

Wilcox, N. 2009. ‘Stochastically more risk averse:' A contextual theory of stochastic discrete choice under risk. Journal of Econometrics, October, 2009.

Rutström, E. and Wilcox, N. Stated beliefs versus inferred beliefs: A methodological inquiry and experimental test. Games and Economic Behavior 67(2), pp. 616-632, November, 2009.

Wilcox, N. 2008. Stochastic models for binary discrete choice under risk: A critical primer and econometric comparison. In J. C. Cox and G. W. Harrison, eds., Research in Experimental Economics Vol. 12: Risk Aversion in Experiments pp. 197-292. Bingley, UK: Emerald.

Wilcox, N. Theories of learning in games and heterogeneity bias. Econometrica 74:1271-1292, 2006.

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Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Wilcox, N. T. 2017. Random expected utility and certainty equivalents: Mimicry of probability weighting functions. Journal of the Economic Science Association 3:161-173.
Schniter, E. and Wilcox, N. 2012. Social norms, discrete choices, and false dichotomies. (commentary on B. Tucker: Do risk and time experimental choices represent individual strategies for coping with poverty or conformity to social norms? Evidence from rural southwestern Madagascar) Current Anthropology 53(2):172-173.
Wilcox, N. 2011. 'Stochastically more risk averse:' A contextual theory of stochastic discrete choice under risk. Journal of Econometrics, 162(1):89-104.
Ballinger, T. P., Hudson, E., Karkoviata, L. and Wilcox, N. 2011. Saving behavior and cognitive abilities. Experimental Economics, 14(3):349-374.