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Matt Deller
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Matt Deller is a screenwriter, author, Dungeons and Dragons nerd and a drummer for an 80's cover band. In a previous life, he was an Assistant Principal and Chaos Wrangler for a High School of 4,000 kids, where his experience as the captain of a Division I collegiate wrestling team occasionally came in handy. His first professional writing endeavor was for videogame developer Obsidian Entertainment (Neverwinter Nights 2), with his first feature film from Paramount Pictures, Manhattan Undying, set for release in 2016, starring Luke Grimes (50 Shades of Grey, American Sniper) and Sarah Roemer (Disturbia). His latest project is the adaptation of Keith C. Blackmore’s novel, Mountain Man, a post-apocalyptic love story about an awkward loner in a zombie-infested world, with Danny McBride’s Rough House Pictures on board to produce.

He’s thrilled to be at Chapman University, where students in his classes can expect at some point to be subjected to gratuitous helpings of 80’s music, his apologies in advance.