headshot photo of Jason Niedle

Jason Niedle

School of Communication; Communication Studies
Office Hours: by appointment


Jason Niedle is a Creative Director whose purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of others. With over twenty years of experience helping corporations, nonprofits, and individuals visually communicate, he is responsible for several thousand book designs, hundreds of calendars, countless corporate brands and websites, numerous video productions, and has been an integral lead in hundreds of projects, with over 100 cumulative design and photography awards to show for it.

As the founder of Tethos Creative 15 years ago, he’s helped market, brand, and communicate on behalf of a wide range of organizations, from a $23 billion corporation to several entertainment and business legends. As a member-leader within the world’s most prominent entrepreneur’s organization, EO, for more than 15 years (including President of the Orange County chapter), Jason is passionate about social entrepreneurship and the experiences & opportunities it provides.

The combination of decades of business experience and creative direction combined with a philosophy degree have led him to become a leader in the field of Message Design. Jason was, in fact, the lead author of the first modern textbook on the subject, Message Design: Strategically Planning Individual Communications.

Over the years, Jason has “driven” a 453-foot long Navy warship, performed at Carnegie Hall, climbed Africa’s tallest mountain, photographed His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama, worked directly with the head of a religion as well as a social media icon, and was married in four culturally authentic ceremonies in four weeks on four different continents. Jason recently became a father, and is even more passionate than ever to contribute towards a better world for his family, friends, clients, students, and son.