headshot photo of Dr. Allegra Liberman-Martin

Dr. Allegra Liberman-Martin

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Assistant Professor
Organic Chemistry
Schmid College of Science and Technology; Chemistry
Expertise: Homogeneous catalysis; organometallic chemistry; organic chemistry; reaction mechanisms; polymer synthesis
Office Location: Keck Center for Science and Engineering 236
Phone: (714) 516-5586
Scripps College, Bachelor of Arts
University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D.


Dr. Liberman-Martin’s research focuses on the development of novel homogeneous catalysts for sustainable organic and polymer synthesis. Catalytic transformations are widely used in the production of fine chemicals, polymers, and fuels. Innovations in catalyst design and reactivity are critical for enabling more economical and sustainable chemical processes. Our research is devoted to the use of p-block elements (including silicon, phosphorus, and aluminum) to perform catalytic transformations that are typically associated with transition metal complexes. We pair synthetic and mechanistic studies to uncover general design principles for enhancing the reactivity and selectivity of main group catalysts.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications