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Three to four times each academic year, the Chapman Law Courier publishes a new issue with student insights about the law school experience. The staff consists of law students with a mix of experience in journalism, graphic design, web design, page layout, illustration, ad sales, and editing. Topics include current events, entertainment, law school life, special events, and just about anything of interest to current law students. Students who would like to write for the Courier may attend any of the public editorial meetings or contact the current staff at chapmancourier@gmail.com. New contributors are always welcome.


The mission of Fowler School of Law's Chapman Law Courier is to encourage communication between students, faculty, and administrators by:

  1. Providing a forum within which the school community may exchange ideas
  2. Refusing injurious or libelous content
  3. Accepting and encouraging diverse opinions and points of view
  4. Respecting that the paper represents the Chapman University Fowler School of Law and that the readership extends beyond the law school student body including, but not limited to, professionals within the legal community.

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