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Fowler School of Law lobbyIn its first twenty years the Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law, located in Orange, California, has grown into a well-recognized law school with excellent students, a talented and dedicated faculty, a cohesive university environment, state of the art physical facilities, and the second largest reported gift to an American law school. 

The Chapman University Fowler School of Law seeks a new dean capable of taking this pioneering law school to the forefront in meeting the challenges facing legal education.  The Fowler School of Law’s future dean will be innovative, focused on the success of our students and graduates, energetic, hard-working, and willing to confront the challenges of a competitive and changing legal educational environment.  This person will also capitalize on strong university, alumni and donor support, and will have the skills to develop additional resources necessary to Fowler School of Law’s development and growth. 

The Fowler School of Law, like many law schools, confronts a challenging environment in a region rich with law schools. These challenges are accompanied by rich opportunities. The Orange County business community is thriving and dynamic, and Chapman University, founded on the day of Abraham Lincoln’s first inauguration, has developed a special rapport with that community. Enormous growth and opportunities are also reflected in Orange County's many diverse communities. Chapman University is fully aware of and committed to the Fowler School of Law's potential and has invested heavily in the school's development over its first two decades, building a sound base to support future development. Chapman University does not seek to build a law school that provides financial support for other units in the University; rather, the University seeks to develop a leading academic center for pre-professional education that offers opportunities unavailable at competing institutions.

Rather than limiting itself in its choice of candidates, the University seeks applicants from both traditional and non-traditional career paths who possess the qualities, vision, dynamism and skills outlined above. To aid in accomplishing this objective, Chapman University has assembled a search committee composed of university trustees, leading faculty and top rated and successful legal practitioners. The committee is being chaired by the Dean of the University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics.

The Chapman University Fowler School of Law therefore invites applications and nominations for the position of Dean.

Review the full position description for the Fowler School of Law dean search.

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Selection Criteria

The University seeks a dynamic and committed leader with the qualities and talents to lead the Fowler School of Law to a position of distinction in education, research and graduate placement.  The successful candidate will have the vision, reputation, stature and credibility within the field to attract strong faculty and students and to garner resources to strengthen the Fowler School of Law and enable the achievement of its vision. 

Application Procedure

The eleven-member Dean Search Committee is chaired by Reginald H. Gilyard, Dean of the Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University.  The Committee invites applications, nominations and inquiries immediately.  Applications should be received no later than November 6, 2015 to ensure full consideration. The Committee will conduct the search with confidentiality of all candidate information.  References will not be contacted and candidacies will not be made public without the prior knowledge and approval of the candidate. The review of applications and nominations will continue until the position is filled, with an anticipated start date of July 1, 2016. 

All nominations and applications (including a cover letter, resume/curriculum vitae and names of five references) should be sent via email to:

Chapman University Fowler School of Law Dean Search Committee
c/o Reginald H. Gilyard, Chair, by email to FowlerLaw@kornferry.com
Chapman University is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to providing career opportunities to all people, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status. 

A Rich Opportunity in a Thriving Environment

Huntington Beach

The Chapman University Fowler School of Law opened in 1995 and is located in the Historic Old Towne District in Orange, California. The School of Law is housed in Donald P. Kennedy Hall, a state-of-the-art facility completed in 1999. In August 2013, the law school received the second largest reported gift ever to a U.S. law school – a $55 million donation from prominent real estate developer Dale E. Fowler and his wife, Sarah Ann. The school was renamed the Dale E. Fowler School of Law in September 2013.