» LL.M.–MBA Double Master's

The LL.M.MBA Double Master's Program allows a student to complete both an LL.M. and an MBA in as few as two years. Fowler School of Law offers a 24-credit LL.M. program typically completed by full-time students in two semesters, and the George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics offers an MBA program that consists of 50 credits and is typically completed by full-time students in four semesters. The two programs, articulated into a double masters' option, require the completion of only 56 credits, a savings of 18 credits, resulting from the cross-application of completed course work in the two schools. A full-time student can complete the required coursework in as few as 18 months (four semesters and one summer term).

Note: This is not a “joint-degree” program. Instead, it is an articulated arrangement by which a student may pursue two separate graduate degrees — in essence, beginning the second degree before completing the first, and double counting some credits. The student must apply to each program separately and satisfy the separate admission requirements for each degree. Students will receive two separate diplomas and two separate transcripts. Tuition for the courses in each school will be billed at separate rates applicable to each degree program, and financial aid awarded in one program may not be applicable toward courses in the other program. Consult the Graduate Financial Aid Office for more information on financial aid issues.

Chapman University regulations governing the earning of a second master’s degree require:

  • The student must meet all specific requirements for the second master’s degree not already satisfied by the first.
  • The student may not use more than 12 credits of the first master’s degree to satisfy the requirements for a second master’s degree at Chapman.
  • A minimum of 24 non-duplicated credits must be taken for the second master’s degree.


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Credit Requirements for the LL.M.- MBA Double Master's

The student must begin as an LL.M. student in the Fowler School of Law. The students will take up to six (6) credits of designated MBA courses for credit in the LL.M. degree.

The following Argyros School of Business required courses qualify for LL.M. credit:

BUS 601           Economic Analysis for Business (3)

BUS 602           Accounting and Financial Analysis (3)

BUS 607           Financial Management (3)

BUS 610           Understanding the Global Business Environment (4)

Students in these courses will be graded as usual by the Argyros School of Business, and must earn a passing grade in these credits. The letter grade earned will be recorded on the Argyros School of Business transcript, but will be assigned a grade of “Pass” or “No Pass” in the LL.M. program and will not be included in the GPA for the LL.M. degree.

After at least one semester in the LL.M. program, the double master’s student then begins MBA courses. The Argyros School will accept 12 of the LL.M. credits toward completion of its 50-credit requirement for the MBA degree. Thus, students must complete 38 MBA credits, which will consist of 35 units of required courses and three units of electives.