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List of schools and non-academic departments and their corresponding senior staff member.

School/(Non-Academic) Department Dean/Department Head Senior Staff
Accreditation and Assessment Paul Kang Joseph S. Slowensky
Admissions Marcela Mejia-Martinez Mike Pelly
Advising Roberto Coronel Norma Bouchard
AMVETS Kyndra Rotunda Norma Bouchard
Argyros School of Business and Economics Thomas Turk Norma Bouchard
Athletics Terry Boesel Norma Bouchard
Attallah College-Educational Studies Roxanne Greitz Miller Norma Bouchard
Brain Institute Amir Raz Norma Bouchard
Budget Office Mike Price Harold W. Hewitt
Campus Planning Collette Creppell Collette Creppell
Career and Professional Development Jo Bandy Sheryl A. Bourgeois
Center for Global Education Kristin Beavers Norma Bouchard
Center for UG Excellence Julye Bidmead Norma Bouchard
Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations Menas Kafatos Norma Bouchard
College and Church Relations Nancy Brink Norma Bouchard
College of Performing Arts Giulio Ongaro Norma Bouchard
Community Relations Alisa Driscoll Harold W. Hewitt
Conferences and Camps Kelly Cooke Harold W. Hewitt
Crean College of Health Sciences Janeen Hill Norma Bouchard
Cross Cultural Center Justin Koppleman Jerry Price
Dean of Enrollment Mike Pelly Mike Pelly
Dean of Students Jerry Price Jerry Price
Disability Services Jason McAlexander Jerry Price
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Stephen Galloway Norma Bouchard
Economic Science Institute Stephen Rassenti Norma Bouchard
Educational Technology Services Jana Remy Helen Norris
Event Scheduling Sonya Hall Harold W. Hewitt
EVP/COO Harold W. Hewitt Harold W. Hewitt
Executive Administration Daniele Struppa Daniele Struppa
Facilities Management Rick Turner Harold W. Hewitt
Financial Services Behzad Binesh Harold W. Hewitt
Fish Interfaith Center, Wallace All Faiths Chapel, Wilkinson Founders Chapel Gail Stearns Norma Bouchard
Fowler School of Law Matthew J. Parlow Norma Bouchard
Graduate Admissions Eva Yen Mike Pelly
Graduate Financial Aid Kathleen Clark Mike Pelly
Graduate Studies Roxanne Miller Norma Bouchard
Honors Program Carmichael Peters Norma Bouchard
Human Resources Brian K. Powell Brian K Powell
Information Systems and Technology Helen Norris Helen Norris
Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Jana Remy
Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith
Joseph S. Slowensky
Institute for Quantum Studies Jeff Tollaksen Norma Bouchard
Institute for the Study of Religion, Economics, and Society Laurence Iannaccone
Jared Rubin
Norma Bouchard
Institutional Research and Decision Support Marisol Arredondo Joseph S. Slowensky
Internal Audit Gail Nishida Harold W. Hewitt
Investment & Administration Janna Bersi Janna Bersi
Legal Affairs Janine DuMontelle Harold W. Hewitt
Library Kevin Ross Helen Norris
Musco Center Richard Bryant Norma Bouchard
Office of Faculty Affairs Eileen Besner Joseph S. Slowensky
Office of President Daniele Struppa Daniele Struppa
Office of Research Martina Nieswandt Martina Nieswandt
Office of the Provost Norma Bouchard Norma Bouchard
Peer and Health Education Dani Smith Jerry Price
President Emeritus Jim Doti Daniele Struppa
Public Safety Randy Burba Harold W. Hewitt
Purchasing Adey Oyenuga Harold W. Hewitt
Registrar Jan McCuen Mike Pelly
Residence Life David Sundby Jerry Price
Risk Management Albert Vasquez Harold W. Hewitt
Schmid College of Science Michael Ibba Norma Bouchard
School of Communication M. Andrew Moshier Norma Bouchard
School of Engineering L. Andrew Lyon Norma Bouchard
School of Pharmacy Ronald P. Jordan Norma Bouchard
Smith Institute Bart Wilson Norma Bouchard
Strategic Marketing and Communication Jamie Ceman Jamie Ceman
Student Business Services Becky Schlafer Harold W. Hewitt
Student Engagement Chris Hutchinson Jerry Price
Student Financial Aid David Carnevale Mike Pelly
Student Psych Counseling Svcs Andrew Kami Jerry Price
Theatre Operations Harold W. Hewitt Harold W. Hewitt
Thompson Policy Institute Meghan Cosier Norma Bouchard
Ticket Office Tessa Jones Harold W. Hewitt
Tutoring,Learning&Testing Ctr Diane Eisenberg Norma Bouchard
Undergraduate Education Nina LeNoir Norma Bouchard
University Advancement Sheryl A. Bourgeois Sheryl A. Bourgeois
University Services Sukbae Kim Harold W. Hewitt
Veterans Resource Center -- Mike Pelly
Wellness Center Jacqueline Deats Jerry Price
Wilkinson College Jennifer D. Keene Norma Bouchard

 Updated on July 6, 2021