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The Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IETL) helps to continue Chapman's tradition of teaching excellence with a variety of programs, events, and supports for all full-time and part-time faculty at the university.

+ - IETL Faculty Ambassadors

The IETL Faculty Ambassadors are faculty members specifically recognized for disciplinary teaching excellence, who serve as mentors and consultants for the faculty within their specific academic units. The 2018-19 IETL Ambassadors include:

Faculty members in these units may contact their IETL Ambassadors for assistance and with ideas for professional development activities in their units. Faculty members interested in serving as IETL Ambassadors in the future should look for the Call for Nominations which is distributed approximately in March/April for service the following academic year. 

+ - IETL Monthly Newsletter

Are you receiving our monthly newsletter? IETL CATs (Conversations About Teaching) is sent via email during the first week of each month and will highlight upcoming events, information, and provide resources for our full-time faculty, part-time faculty, and graduate teaching assistants. You can opt in for your own copy of the IETL CATs newsletter here.

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+ - 1:1 Consultations

Faculty members can schedule confidential consultations at any time during the semester. Consultations can take many forms and are not aimed only at addressing teaching difficulties. Whether it be seeking out new classroom activities, reviewing an assessment or results of course evaluations, or learning information about supports available at Chapman or through one of our subscribed providers, a consultation appointment can assist faculty members in their pursuits. Please email us at ietl@chapman.edu if you would like to schedule an appointment. Please include your preferred date, time, and the topic of discussion. A staff member will follow up with you to confirm your appointment.  

+ - Capturing Class Video with Swivl

Swivl pic

Swivl is a world leader in video observation technology and uses a Robot Base (to capture the video) and Audio Markers (microphones that record the instructor and students). The Robot Base automatically swivels to follow the instructor - no camera operator required - and the Markers capture audio from up to four locations in the room. Videos are uploaded to the Swivl Cloud where they can be viewed, edited and, if desired, shared with others.

How can I use Swivl to enhance teaching and learning?

  • Self Reflection: Instructors can record video to review and reflect on their teaching. They can also listen to the audio collected using multiple Markers during group work to help unravel student issues in understanding content.
  • Peer Review: Instructors can record their class and share the videos with peers for feedback.
  • Lecture Capture: Instructors can make recordings available to students for study and review.
  • Guest Speaker Video: Record guest speakers or special presentations in your class; archive that footage for easy access (or reuse) after.
  • Student Work: Record students during in-class presentations or performances.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up for your own Swivl account. This will allow you to upload videos to your own Swivl “Cloud”. You can also perform basic editing techniques (such as trimming or adding slides) to videos you have captured with Swivl in your Cloud.
  2. Request to check out the Swivl hardware. The IETL provides you with the Swivl robot base, tripod, IETL iPad with app installed, and markers (mics) for you to use for the maximum 3-day lending period.
  3. Review the Swivl Starter Guide here.

+ - First Year Faculty Experience (FYFE)

The First Year Faculty Experience (FYFE) Program is a collaborative effort between the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Institute for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (IETL). With activities spanning the first year for all full-time (tenure-stream and contract) faculty members, the FYFE events address the various supports available for faculty members at Chapman as well as expectations of and acculturation to our academic community. Visit the IETL Blackboard Organization section on New Faculty for additional information and documentation (authentication required).

+ - Professional Development Workshops & Activities

A variety of professional development workshops and activities are offered by IETL throughout the academic year. They range in format and include small group facilitated discussions, webinars, faculty learning communities, large group presentations, Pecha Kucha sessions, and more. To find out what is coming up, visit our IETL events list on Events.chapman.edu. IETL also supports a comprehensive calendar of all Faculty Development events, from various offices, at Chapman University.

+ - IETL "Caffeinars"

Caffeine + Webinar = Caffeinar!

IETL Caffeinars are national teaching webinars delivered by higher education faculty across the country. All sessions are 60 minutes long and many are LIVE events with faculty from multiple universities participating along with our Chapman faculty.

Please sign up for the Caffeinar(s) you are interested in watching in the IETL Collaboration room (Beckman Hall 108, Orange Campus). You will need to provide your full name and your Chapman faculty email address when signing up. 

If you missed the group viewing and would like to access the on-demand recordings of the Caffeinars (which are password protected), please refer to this instructional document. You must be logged into your Chapman University Google account (uses your @chapman.edu email address) to access the document. If you need assistance, please email us at IETL@chapman.edu

+ - IETL 20/20 Focus on Teaching Series

20 minutes of professional development. 20 opportunities to learn each term.

IETL's 20/20 Focus on Teaching Series consists of small group viewings of 20 minute videos on a specific teaching topic, followed by a brief discussion, on 20 dates in an academic term. The video presenters are nationally-recognized higher education faculty, and the content spans across academic disciplines.

Come and collaborate with your colleagues in the IETL Collaboration room (Beckman Hall 108, Orange Campus), enjoy some complimentary refreshment from our Coffee Bar, and take some time to focus on your teaching with us.

Sign up here for as many 20/20 events as you like. You will need to provide your full name and your Chapman faculty email address when signing up. 

+ - Documenting Your Teaching Journey in the ePortfolio

Our Documenting Your Teaching Journey in the ePortfolio workshop is offered multiple times per year on both Chapman campuses. It is suggested that all tenure-track faculty members attend in their first year and that all contract faculty seeking promotion attend early in the year prior to ePortfolio submission.

The Teaching Section of the ePortfolio contains the largest number of uploaded files and narratives; thus, giving the process of construction careful thought early in the tenure/promotion process is advised. At this workshop, participants learn what documentation should be collected, gain suggestions for how to best organize the submissions, and receive helpful technical advice about the ePortfolio creation process.

Upcoming ePortfolio workshops can be found here. 

+ - Summer Academy on Teaching

The 2019 Summer Academy on Teaching will be held on August 13 & 14, 2019 on the Orange Campus and is open to Chapman full and part-time faculty. Space is limited to the first 100 respondents and any changes to registrations must be made by August 1, 2019. Please register here to attend Summer Academy. 

The IETL's Summer Academy on Teaching is a two-day event for all full-time and part-time faculty at Chapman University. Consisting of formal and informal presentations and peer discussions, the focus of the Academy is to provide a dedicated time for faculty members to reflect and learn together about teaching excellence. The 2018 IETL Summer Academy was on August 14 & 15 and featured outside guest speakers Dr. Anindya Kundu (NYU), Emmett Griffith (Pace University), and Meghan Grace (author of Generation Z Goes to College).

You may visit the IETL Blackboard Organization section on the Summer Academy for additional information and documentation on prior years' events (authentication required).

+ - FOCI - Faculty Open Classroom Initiative

The Faculty Open Classroom Initiative (FOCI) aims to connect Chapman’s teaching faculty to each other by pairing volunteer faculty ‘hosts’ and ‘visitors’ in selected classes. This non-evaluative, voluntary classroom visitation program aims to have faculty members, both full-time and part-time:

  • connect with one another as teaching colleagues,
  • engage with content that is outside of their teaching assignments, and
  • gain perspective on the Chapman student experience in a variety of classroom and disciplinary settings.

Faculty members volunteer to host their colleagues over the course of one week in Orange Campus classes in the spring, and Rinker class visitations occur in the fall. A FOCI Celebration Reception is held at the conclusion of the FOCI Weeks for hosts and visitors to gather and exchange feedback about their experiences. In appreciation for their participation, all faculty hosts and visitors receive two (2) complimentary lunch tickets to the Faculty Athenaeum in Argyros Forum. 

+ - JanCon (January Conference on Teaching)

JanCon, the IETL January Conference on Teaching, is a one-day event centered on a theme relevant to teaching excellence at Chapman. Previous JanCons have involved faculty members in activities and discussions about a variety of topics including critical thinking, collaborative learning experiences, and scholarly teaching. Visit the IETL Blackboard Organization section on Past IETL Events for additional information and documentation (authentication required).

This past academic year's JanCon, the 6th annual, was January 25, 2019 and centered on Reimagining the Classroom Agenda. Resources from JanCon 2019 can be found here.