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IETL Office Staff

IETL's main offices are located in on the first floor Beckman Hall on the Orange Campus, in the center of the building on the Starbucks side. Our general telephone number is (714) 628-2720 and office email is IETL@chapman.edu.

photo of Kara Ward
Kara Ward
Administrative Coordinator
Beckman Hall 109
(714) 628-2720 (IETL main office line)
Kara Ward serves as the Administrative Coordinator for the IETL and for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Kara's main responsibilities include scheduling of programming, oversight of the IETL Instructional Video Studio, and supporting the Directors and IETL Ambassadors in each academic unit.

The following faculty members serve as IETL Ambassadors and support faculty in these units:

photo of Abigail  Patthoff
Abigail Patthoff
Professor, Legal Research and Writing Faculty
Fowler School of Law
Abigail specializes in legal analysis and communication and is teaches courses in legal analysis, advocacy, and judicial writing. She is available to support Fowler School of Law faculty by providing teaching resources regarding in-class writing assignments, problem design, and learning styles.
photo of Dr. Cristina Giannantonio
Dr. Cristina M. Giannantonio
Professor of Management
Argyros School of Business and Economics
Cris primarily teaches courses in human resource and business management in the Argyros school. An experienced teacher through case-based presentations, Cris is interested in a variety of real-world presentation methods and has taught in the undergraduate, graduate, and Freshman Foundations program at Chapman.
photo of Dr. Jennifer Totonchy
Dr. Jennifer Totonchy
Assistant Professor of Immunology and Immunotherapeutics
School of Pharmacy
Jennifer is an Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy. She teaches basic science content related to immunology in the PharmD program, and received the 2018-2019 Chapman University Award for Pedagogical Innovation. She is passionate about increasing student engagement and mastery of content by incorporating active learning into her courses. She is a good resource for faculty wanting to use the Rinker Campus Instructional Video Studio to make flipped content for their classes, as well as instructors interested in using case-based active learning to teach basic science concepts.
photo of Dr. Hannah Ball
Dr. Hannah Ball
Assistant Professor of Communication
School of Communication
Hannah specializes in persuasive health communication and teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in message design, research methods, and health communication theory. She is interested in exchanging ideas about refining students’ critical thinking skills and implementing classroom assessment techniques to improve the learning process.
photo of Dr. Caroline Wilson
Dr. Caroline Wilson
Clinical Associate Professor of Health Sciences
Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Caroline teaches in the Health Science department with specialties in human anatomy and neuroscience. She is a certified Team Based Learning Consultant, an active learning pedagogy that includes class preparation, readiness assessment, and application of real-world activities. She is excited to share knowledge about curriculum development, multiple choice question design, flipped classroom approaches, and the incorporation of technology into the classroom.
photo of Julianne O'Brien
Julianne O'Brien
Professor, Chair, Department of Dance
College of Performing Arts
Julianne has a background in the field of dance as a performer, choreographer, academic leader, and dance educator. Her teaching interests in COPA include somatic practices, history, pedagogy, improvisation, choreography, and arts integration and she is interested in supporting Chapman faculty with approaches to pedagogy that are embodied, integrated, and playful.
photo of Dr. Justine  Van Meter
Dr. Justine Van Meter
Assistant Professor, Instructional Faculty
Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Justine has been at Chapman since 2006 and was the recipient of the first award for Outstanding Teaching Junior Professorship (2012-2014). She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and focuses on interdisciplinarity. She is particularly looking forward to supporting Wilkinson faculty members and to exchanging ideas about course development, the use of visual and technological resources in the classroom, the encouragement of class discussions and student engagement, and/or any other teaching interests.
photo of Dr. Mark  Maier
Dr. Mark Maier
Associate Professor, Director, Leadership Studies Program
College of Educational Studies
Mark has been with Chapman University since 1994 and teaches in the Leadership Studies and Leadership Development programs in the College of Educational Studies. He is intrigued by the role of the teacher in society as well as academia, and the relationship between our cognitive focus as educators and the affective means which trigger the motivation to engage that content.
photo of Dr. Peter  Jipsen
Dr. Peter Jipsen
Professor of Mathematics
Schmid College of Science and Technology
Peter teaches calculus, discrete mathematics and abstract algebra. He uses inquiry-based teaching methods and active-learning strategies in upper division classes. He is also interested in how technology can enhance student learning. His research is about the interplay between abstract algebra, logic and proof theory, concentrating mostly on ordered algebraic structures and some applications to computer science.
photo of Dr. Jerry LaRue
Dr. Jerry LaRue
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Schmid College of Science and Technology
Jerry teaches General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry courses in the Chemistry department. His teaching interest include utilizing active learning strategies across a range of class sizes, from small to large. He is excited to exchange ideas with other faculty about improving student learning and critical thinking using active learning strategies and the alignment of course objectives with content and assessment.
photo of James Dutcher
James Dutcher
Assistant Professor, Artistic
Lawrence and Kristina Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
James teachers graduate and undergraduate classes in Screenwriting and story construction. He hopes to make the Dodge College faculty more aware of the numerous teaching resources available via IETL and aid them in integrating these tools into their classrooms.

The following faculty members and administrators serve on the IETL Advisory Board:

photo of Edward 'Cotton' Coslett
Edward 'Cotton' Coslett
Distance Education Librarian
Leatherby Libraries
photo of Dr. Michael Fahy
Dr. Michael Fahy
Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science & Associate Dean
Schmid College of Science and Technology
photo of Dr. Amy Graziano
Dr. Amy B. Graziano
Associate Professor of Music & Chair, Conservatory of Music
College of Performing Arts
photo of Dr. Donald Kochan
Dr. Donald Kochan
Professor of Law & Associate Dean
Fowler School of Law
photo of Dr. Sara LaBelle
Dr. Sara LaBelle
Assistant Professor of Communication
School of Communication
photo of Dr. Kenneth Murphy
Dr. Kenneth E. Murphy
Associate Professor of Business & Associate Provost for Academic Administration
Office of the Provost
photo of Helen  Norris
Helen Norris
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Office of Information Systems and Technology (IS&T)
photo of Dr. Jana Remy
Dr. Jana Remy
Associate Director
Office of Educational Technology Services
photo of Dr. Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith
Dr. Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith
Instructional Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Schmid College of Science and Technology & Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
photo of Dr. Wendy Salmond
Dr. Wendy Salmond
Professor of Art
Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
photo of Michelle Sypinero
Michelle Sypinero
Director of Client Services
Office of Information Systems & Technology (IS&T)

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