» Health and Safety of LGBT Youth in California

Dr. Kris De Pedro, Assistant Professor

Dr. Kris De Pedro, Assistant Professor

The LGBTQ Youth Research and Advocacy Project utilizes data from the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), developed by West Ed under contract to the California Department of Education. Stakeholders from Attallah College, the ACLU, and the Central Coast Coalition have created county fact sheets and narratives outlining rates of bullying, perceptions of school climate, substance use, and mental health among LGBT youth and their peers in public schools. 

This data has generated awareness of the experiences of LGBT youth among school, district, and community leaders. In addition, it has been distributed to county offices of education for the purpose of LGBT advocacy and policy change. County level fact sheets span urban, suburban, and rural regions.

For more information about data and advocacy, contact:
Kris De Pedro, PhD, Attallah College faculty

John Elfers, Ph.D. at the Central Coast Coalition

Melissa Goodman, J.D. at the ACLU of Southern California

The research findings are divided into six regions, as well as the State of California to see a culmination of findings.

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