» Report an Incident

File a complaint with the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officer »

The Complaint Form can be used to file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officer. This information applies to anyone (students, faculty, staff, applicants, and all other members of the University community) wishing to file a complaint related to harassment, discrimination or sexual harassment, including Title IX as outlined on this webpage. A copy of the University's Policy on Sexual Harassment Prohibited by Title IX and the Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Prevention Policy for Employees is provided for your convenience.

Cross-Cultural Education and Resource Team (CERT) »

Please use the CERT reporting form to report an incident of possible bias, hate, or discrimination. The form will be forwarded directly to the CERT team so that they may review the incident, advocate for and empower those affected, inform and educate the campus community, and promote civility and respect

Student Concern Intervention Team (SCIT) »

The Student Concerns Intervention Team generally meets once a week to review concerns and develop plans for appropriate intervention. Concerned about a student? Are they showing any behaviors of concern? Fill out this student concern information form and it will be forwarded directly to the Associate Dean of Students in the Dean of Students Office.


NOTE: If your concern is related to an EMERGENCY where there may be an imminent risk to the safety of others, the above reporting is not the appropriate way to let us know about your concern. Please directly call one of the following offices:

  • Public Safety: (714) 997-6763 - direct all calls after regular business hours and on the weekends should be directed to Public Safety
  • Dean of Students Office: (714) 997-6721 - regular business hours
  • Housing and Residence Life: (714) 997-6603 - regular business hours
  • 911: if you are dealing with a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately