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Chapman University's Facilities Management Department houses the university's Sustainability Department. Our current Sustainability Manager Mackenzie Crigger has been working tirelessly to make Chapman's campus greener in every way possible. Learn about the university's available opportunities for students to get involved in researching and developing sustainable practices on a major scale.

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+ - Past Internships

Internships with the Sustainability Department began during the 2013-2014 school year. Since then there have been two interns, Jen Feinstein and Jenny Bowen, who have had a significant effect in Chapman's environmental impact. Under the supervision of Mackenzie Crigger, Chapman's Sustainability Manager, these students have an incredible story to tell about their experiences.

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In the fall of 2012, Jennifer Feinstein ’14 (pictured left) performed a waste audit on Chapman’s campus and discovered a way that trash can be more efficiently disposed of. Based on her research, Jen presented a proposal to Chapman to purchase the BigBelly Solar Trash and Recycling Compactors. Her proposal was well-received and there are now about 14 compactors in various locations throughout campus. Not only do these bins bring pizzazz to the community and allow students to showcase their artwork or clubs to advertise their events on them, they increase efficiency while decreasing costs.

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In the fall of 2013, Jenny Bowen ’15 (pictured right) joined the Sustainability Department. Jenny teamed up with the previous Sustainability intern, Jen Feinstein ’14. After Jenny proposed the idea of installing a green roof on campus, the girls collaborated in an effort to gather all appropriate data to make this effort possible. They compiled information on the social, economic, and environmental benefits of green roofs and determined the benefits that were specifically important for Chapman University. During Interterm 2014, Jen and Jenny presented their green roof proposal to Chapman’s Facilities Management Department. Their proposal was well-received and Chapman has installed a green roof on the 4th floor patio of Argyros Forum.

+ - Internship Opportunities

Chapman is always looking for dedicated students with a passion for contributing to a more sustainable campus. If the Sustainability Department sounds like the place for you, take a look through the current openings for Chapman student interns.

  • Green Panther Intern
    • This position is for someone with a passion for communicating with others through the written word. This person will be responsible for helping to draft the monthly Green Panther Online Newsletter, increasing readership of the Green Panther Online Newsletter, and writing a twice monthly article for the Panther. This intern will also be responsible for assisting with research on a Green Events Guide and helping to compile data for the Sustainability Report. To apply, email a resume and cover letter to the Sustainability Department.
  • Media Education Intern
    • This position is for someone with a passion for media education and will be responsible for helping the Sustainability Department expand our media education program. This intern would coordinate, produce, direct, and film short videos aimed at educating the campus population about issues of sustainability. While it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of sustainability, a desire to learn about the subject matter is essential. The successful applicant will have a basic understanding of film production and editing. To apply, email a resume and cover letter to the Sustainability Department.
  • Green Department Certification Program Intern
    • The Green Department Certification program helps departments assess their sustainability performance in tangible ways that the department has the ability to influence. The student intern will serve as a guide for the department during this certification process. The student intern must be able to communicate persuasively, encourage commitment, and effectively educate the department in order to help develop a culture of sustainability within the department. The intern will also be responsible for helping to market the program, following up with departments that have previously participated, coordinate waste assessments, research challenges to current practices and make suggestions for process improvements, and make presentations to departments who have completed the GDC program. To apply, email a resume and cover letter to the Sustainability Department.