» The Scorecard

Here are the most recently available statistics for the 2014- 2015 Eco-Olympics. The bigger the decrease, the better! This will be updated on a weekly basis throughout the Eco-Olympics. The following data for energy and water use in the dorms signifies the percent decrease or increase in use compared to the baseline week.

Last updated: 10/15/14

Energy Standings

Rank Hall Energy Use
1st Pralle-Sodaro 23% Decrease
2nd (tie) Henley 18% Decrease
2nd (tie) Glass 18% Decrease
3rd Sandhu 12% Decrease
4th Davis 9% Decrease
5th Morlan and Harris 6% Decrease

Water Standings

Rank Hall Water Use
1st Morlan and Harris 38% Decrease


22% Decrease
3rd Glass 13% Decrease
4th Henley 12% Decrease
5th Pralle-Sodaro 9% Decrease
6th Davis 15% Increase