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Get ready for the Eco-Olympics, coming to Chapman Residence Life this year for the first time! During these Eco-Olympics, each hall will be competing against one another to reduce their water and energy use the most over the course of about one month while the competition is going on. The change in use will be calculated by percentage so that no hall is at a disadvantage or advantage because of its size. The hall with the largest percent decrease in water consumption and the hall with the largest percent drop in energy consumption will both win! In addition, individual residents have the potential to win amazing prizes by attending Eco-Olympic events and participating in the competition. To assist in the process of the competition, the Sustainability page of chapman.edu contains the following up-to-date information:
  • picture of a buildingThe Scorecard: View the current standings and performance of each residence hall
  • Conservation Tips: Learn more about the things that can be done to lead your hall to victory
  • Schedule of Events: Keep updated on upcoming events, which you can attend to experience fun sustainability events as well as to help your hall in the competition
  • Resident Advisor Assistance: For RAs that need some help programming Eco-Olympic Events, the Sustainability Department has provided some ideas to get you going
For the most recent news and updates on the Eco-Olympics, periodically check this Eco-Olympics home page, join our Facebook event, and follow us @SustainChapman on Twitter and Instagram.
Can't make it to all the events? There are other ways to win individual prizes. Those who complete the following will be entered in raffles to win various prizes:
  • Prizes
  • The Inspiration
  • There are plenty of valuable incentives to make the effort during these Eco-Olympics, besides the self-satisfaction of conserving water and energy for a better future environment. Prizes are being offered to both individuals and the overall hall that conserves the most water and the hall that conserves the most water.
    • picture of a bikeGift cards
    • Money
    • Bikes
    • Prizes from Chapman's Bookstore
    To see where your hall stands in the competition, you can periodically check the Scorecard here and find the most recent standings. The prizes for the winning hall include:
    • Spending money for the hall to use as they choose
    • Trophy
    • T-shirts
    • Champion Dorm Party
  • Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio began their Ecolympics several years ago and has managed to significantly decrease their electricity and water consumption each year they held the competition. Their Ecolympics last only three weeks of the school year, during which time they monitor water and electricity consumption and hold events for residents to learn about various sustainability topics.

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