» Resident Advisor Assistance

Resident Advisors play a key role in raising awareness and enthusiasm for the Eco-Olympics. This can be accomplished by hosting various events for residents that they would be interested in attending. The suggestions given below are simply guidelines and Resident Advisors are welcome to implement their own programming ideas.

Prizes are always a good incentive so be sure to mention that the winning hall will receive a Champion Dorm Prize Party, t-shirts, a trophy, and $500 for the hall to spend as they choose. Individuals who attend an approved RA program, post on Instagram or Twitter about the Eco-Olympics, take the Pledge Plastic, and take the Meatless Monday pledge will all be entered into a weekly raffle to win things like a bike, money, gift cards, and other great prizes.

If you are planning an event, contact the Sustainability Department to schedule a meeting to ensure that your program aligns with the goals of the Eco-Olympics. 

  • One Thing
  • Movie Screening
  • Quiz/ Trivia
  • Marketing
  • Have all your residents commit to one thing they will do to help the environment. They can write them on index cards and be put up in the lounge, or all on one big poster that can be put up. These are just a few ideas for that "one thing" residents can choose to do:
    • Unplug all electronics in the room when going away for an extended period of time.
    • Use a reusable water bottle instead of always buying plastic ones.
    • Bring a reusable bag to the grocery store so that you don't consume unnecessary plastic.
    • Take shorter showers.
    • Turn water off when brushing your teeth.
  • Present a documentary that studies the environmental consequences of excessive water and electricity use. Also provide a list of resources to help them reduce their water and energy use. Students will appreciate a study break with a movie. It can even be a part of a film series and the screenings can be a weekly event throughout the competition.

    The Sustainability Department is putting on a movie screening of the documentary Tapped about plastic water bottle production and use on Monday September 22nd. 

    Here are some recommended movies:

    • No Impact Man
    • The End of Suburbia
    • Who Killed the Electric Car?
    • Planet in Peril
  • Do some research and find a few things that take a very long time to degrade in a landfill. Bring them to the event and have residents guess how long it takes. You can also quiz residents on what can and cannot be recycled, which is sure to stump a few people!

  • If you do not have time to put on a program of your own, try instead to advertise those being put on by the Sustainability Department and other campus departments. All the Eco-Olympic events will be posted on our Schedule of Events as well as the Facebook page. It will greatly benefit your hall in the competition in the long run because all the Eco-Olympic events will be emphasizing energy and water conservation. Here are some marketing strategies that can be effective in communicating the events to your residents:

    • Send an email to residents
    • Have a month- calendar in your hall with events on it
    • Post flyers around your hall, on residents' doors
    • Create posters for the Res Life area
    • Share our Facebook event, Instagram and Twitter
    • Talk about it at a regular meeting with residents