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Our website has become the primary portal to Chapman – and our redesigned site conveys crucial information locally and around the world. Social media is all about creating relationships – and engaging in the conversation that's already taking place.

We can help you use electronic media to spread your message more quickly and effectively. We encourage participation in social networks, but hope that you'll follow our guidelines. If your account is not listed here but you think it should be, please register it with us here.

What Is a Micro-Site?

More often than not, it will make sense to include your web-pages in Chapman's .edu site.  In some rare cases, however, your account manager may recommend a micro-site.  One such example is the Economic Forecast site.


When talking about Chapman online, remember to use our official hashtag “#ChapmanU”

Weekly E-Blasts

There are two weekly emails. The first is sent on Mondays highlighting the latest Happenings stories. The second email is sent on Thursdays composed of events and announcements submitted by the campus community.