» Peoplesoft "Campus Solutions" 9.2 Upgrade

When: March 15, 2019 at 5pm thru March 17, 2019

The current version of PeopleSoft’s Campus Solution (CS) and PeopleTools (PT) will run out of support past December 2019. In order to keep current and maintain functionality with in the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions environment, Oracle recommends upgrading to the supported versions of Campus Solutions and PeopleTools to CS 9.2 from CS 9.0 and to PT 8.56 from PT 8.55.

Although this maintenance includes an upgrade of the Student Information System to Campus Solutions 9.2, it is primarily a “technical” upgrade of the application, meaning, navigating and using pages to access information, as well as processing transactions, will be very familiar and remain unchanged. However, this is a vital stage of the upgrade as we will later have the capabilities to transform the user experience and improve the interactions of students and staff with the system.

Services that will be unavailable during this upgrade:

  • Manager Self-Service
  • Student Self-Service
  • My Self-Service
  • Advisor Self-Service
  • Faculty Self-Service
  • Peoplesoft Finance and HR
  • Campus Solutions

Also, the workflow for Concur will be unavailable.  You will still be able to submit expenses but, they will be held in a “pending” state until after the upgrade.  On March 18th, all “pending” activities will automatically be processed.

Look and Feel

Although, the functionality will remain unchanged, the new 9.2 version of the student, faculty, and advising centers will look slightly different.  Please see the side by side comparison of the current 9.0 view and the new 9.2 view.


Faculty Center (Current 9.0 View):             Faculty Center (New 9.2 View)

Current view of the faculty center homepage showing the current white and purple color schemeNew faculty center layout with lighter blue and white color scheme.


Student Center (Current 9.0 View)            Student Center (New 9.2 View)

Current view of student center with the white and purple color schemeView of the new student center with the new white and light blue color scheme