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Login Instructions

Submit a Space Enhancement Request

  • Type "username@chapman.edu"" in the login box (example: "jsmith@chapman.edu").
  • Type email/network password into the password box.

After logging on to the system a welcome page will appear describing the system in brief.

Submitting a Space Enhancement Request

Select "Submit a Request"

  • Select your Facility. Select the box located directly to the right where Chapman University will be displayed below the phrase "Please select your Facility".
  • Select your Building. Select the building you are submitting this work request for by highlighting the desired building name. Next, select the box located directly to the right of your highlighted building selection.

Request Form

Enter information requested:

  • Name and Title
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Area – Highlight your selection as you did when selecting your building.
  • Funding Source Account # - Account will not be charged until requestor has been notified of amount.
  • Department
  • Request
  • Attachment – All attachments must be combined into one pdf. Please attach authorization statement from your department head and any documents or images that help describe your request.
  • Department Head approval is required prior to submittal of above Space Enhancement Request. Requests without department head approval will not be accepted.

If you have questions or experience problems submitting a work request online, email Campus Planning at campusplanning@chapman.edu.

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