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A Space Enhancement Work Request is required for or any alteration/remodel to a physical space and any visual change to the university’s interior/exterior appearance. It is important to note that the majority of campus space has been designed by professional architectural and interior design firms and any enhancements must be consistent to the overall design of that building. The Campus Planning Department is responsible for determining if the request meets the general design intent of that space.

Submit a space enhancement requests as follows:

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Space Enhancement Requests

Submit an online space enhancement request to Campus Planning:

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To find out more about this Space Enhancement Request system, please see the system overview

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Facilities Maintenance Work Request

A "work request" is defined as a fix to an existing structure. Need a light bulb replaced or a broken air conditioner repaired? 

Learn more about how to submit a Facilities Maintenance Work Request

Aramark Custodial Work Requests

Aramark Custodial Services include:

  • Aramark Custodial Services website.
  • 24-hour full custodial and housekeeping shifts for all campus buildings and residence halls.
  • The University recycling program operations.

Submit an online work request to Aramark Custodial Services:

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If you have questions or experience problems submitting a space enhancement online, email Campus Planning at campusplanning@chapman.edu.