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The mission of the Provost Student Advisory Board (PSAB) is to improve the quality of the undergraduate educational experience. The board, diverse in its makeup, will provide the Provost with insight into the undergraduate student experience and the PSAB will serve as a conduit for other students on campus. This board will help students get involved in the growth of Chapman University, expose them to the administrative side of university decisions and facilitate a dialogue between students and administrators.

Meeting Times:

The Provost Student Advisory Board meets twice a semester (typically on Fridays from 12:00 noon - 1:00 PM).

+ - Membership and Application Information


The Provost Student Advisory Board is comprised of 29 undergraduate students including SGA President Annabell Liao and SGA Vice President Tyler Porterfield. Members of this board are elected until graduation or when they choose to step down from their position. New members are to be chosen each fall to replace graduating seniors. All students selected to serve on the Provost Student Advisory Board must demonstrate leadership, have a commitment to the campus community and be in good academic standing.

Application information:

Students interested in becoming Provost Student Advisory Board (PSAB) members may apply beginning the first week of August through the second week of the fall semester. Students must complete a one-page Word document explaining their interest in becoming part of the PSAB; include year, major and any experience or qualifications that they feel would make them a strong candidate for Board membership. This document can be sent to Perla Villegas. First year students are welcome to apply.

+ - Current Members for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

Cody Alexander

Lauren Eliot

Luaren Freund

Annika Hudak

Isabella Iritfa

Ronnie Kaufman

Eugenia Lee

Annabell Liao

Tyler Porterfield

Andrew Stepian

April Tran

Carley Waterbury

Hailey Haskell

Caitlin Molina

Juliette Atchekzai

Samuel Mitteldorf

Tessa Oliaro

Michiko Yee

Erika Martinez

Ethan Vieira

Melissa Coyle 

Alejandra Chavez

Mackenzie Gray

Erica Green 

John Alford

Kyle Herron

Andrea Kerndt

Lisa MiYoung Kang

Monica Schneider 

Thimanthi Withana

Imani Woodley

+ - History of the Chancellor's Student Advisory Board

The first Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board convened in the 2008 Spring Semester. It evolved from an idea that Chancellor Daniele Struppa had proposed earlier in the 2007 Fall Semester. Chapman students were invited to write a one-page essay on what the Chancellor needed to know about student needs, and what advice they would give to the Chancellor, given that opportunity. Twenty exceptional essays were submitted and 10 members were chosen to serve on the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board.

This diverse group of students met three times in the 2008 Spring Semester and they addressed topics such as financial aid, student advising, and registration. Guests to the meetings included Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, Michael Pelly, Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Education, Dr. Jeanne Gunner and Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Jerry Price.

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Interested in Getting Involved?

If you are interested in joining the Provost Student Advisory Board, please email Perla Villegas.

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