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The Writing Center offers free tutoring to all current Chapman students.

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Setting up a Session

How do I make an appointment?

You may stop by the Center and visit the front desk at the Glassell Street entrance to DeMille; or, you may call or email the Center to set up an appointment. 

What times are available for appointments?

Appointments begin at the top of the hour an at half past. For example, at 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. 

Should I schedule a 25- or 50-minute session?

This really depends on your goals for the session. If you have one or two very specific questions (for example, a question about how to document a source or about a grammar issue), choose the 25-minute option. If you want to discuss an entire paper or part of a long paper, choose 50 minutes.

Do I have to make an appointment?

Appointments guarantee you time with a tutor, but they are not required. You may drop in at any time and work with tutors who are available.

Can I choose to work with a specific tutor?

Of course! Meeting with the same tutor is especially helpful if you're working on a long paper and need more then one visit to discuss revision ideas. Just let the front desk know which tutor you prefer.

How often can I visit the Writing Center?

You may make two 50-minute appointments or four 25-minute appointments per week.

What happens if I'm late or forget to show up for my appointment?

If you're more then ten minutes late for an appointment, your tutor might begin working with a drop-in student. If you're late or don't show up for three appointments in one semester, you will be unable to make appointments for the rest of the semester.


Do I need to have a draft of my paper before I visit the Center?

No. Tutors are happy to help you brainstorm ideas for any school-related writing. They can also help with general writing questions.

What should I bring to my visit?

If possible, bring a copy of your syllabus, a copy of your assignment sheet, and any drafts you may have. 

Is there anything else I should do?

It's a good idea to have a general sense of what you want out of each session. It's best to limit these goals to two or three things. You will discuss these goals with the tutor at the beginning of your session. 

The Session

I made an appointment. How do I find my tutor?

Look for your tutor's name on the whiteboard outside the tutoring room. Next to the tutor's name, you'll see "writing lab" and a desk number. This helps you locate your tutor. If you've forgotten your tutor's name or if you need help signing in, ask someone at the front desk.

I'm going to drop in sometime soon; how will I know what tutors are available?

Check the whiteboard outside the tutoring room. If a Writing Center tutor is alone at a desk, it probably means he or she is free to work with you. If you're unsure, go and ask the tutor.

Will the tutor edit or proofread my paper?

Tutors will work with you to look for mistakes and model ways to fix them.

What happens during a session?

After introductions, your tutor will ask about your goals for the session. If you're working on a paper for a class, the tutor will ask to see your assignment and maybe your syllabus.

What happens next really depends on your learning style and on your tutor's style. The tutor might ask you to read your draft aloud or listen as he or she reads. Hearing your paper can help you notice which sections need more attention. The tutor might also ask you to clarify your meaning in a certain part of the paper. The tutor might even take notes while you're talking. In some sessions, the tutor may stop you as you read to ask questions. If the tutor's strategies aren't working for you or if you're confused, please tell the tutor. The tutors are here to help, and they're always happy to try new tutoring techniques.

A few minutes before your session ends, your tutor will likely stop to summarize the key points he or she hopes you take away from the session. You're welcome to take notes or to ask the tutor to fill out a Summary of Writing Center Visit form.

End of Session

What is a Summary of Writing Center Visit form?

This form provides you with a summary of the topics you and your tutor discussed during your session. You may also wish to turn in a copy of this form to your instructor (see below). 

Will the tutor email my instructors to let them know I came and to explain to them what we did?

If you'd like proof of your visit, ask the tutor at the beginning of the session for a Summary of Writing Center Visit form. A few minutes before your session ends, your tutor will write a brief description of your visit and sign it.

If your instructors want additional information, ask them to contact the Writing Center's Director, Dr. Sarah Robblee.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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