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The Academic Achievement Program within the Chapman University Fowler School of Law is designed to minimize the confusion and frustration many first-year law students experience by offering the following:

  • one-on-one faculty mentoring 
  • undergraduate-to-graduate transition workshops 
  • Additional instruction from advanced students (Academic Fellows) 
  • Assigned study groups led by the Academic Fellows 
  • Bar Exam Preparation

Such mentoring helps students unlock the potential within them to achieve academic success in school, pass the bar exam, and become productive attorneys.

Mentoring and Workshops

Professor Rick Faulkner, the Director of Academic Achievement, is available to meet with individual students to address their academic needs and progress. Moreover, Professor Faulkner conducts a substantial number of workshops throughout the academic year designed to help first-year students transition from undergraduate school to law school. These workshops cover such diverse topics as course outlining, stress and time management, preparation for exams and exam writing.

Academic Fellows

In addition, advanced students serve as Academic Fellows for the first-year law courses, as well as Evidence, Federal Income Tax, Corporations, and Constitutional Law classes. The Academic Fellows hold office hours once each week in the fall and spring semesters during which they are available to respond to student questions. The Academic Fellows also lead small study groups. Participation in the small study groups is open to all students, and first-year students are strongly encouraged to attend at least one small group regularly.

Bar Exam Preparation

The Academic Achievement program helps Fowler School of Law students succeed, not only in law school, but also on the bar examination. We have designed and instituted a full program of Bar Preparation whose purpose is to fully and adequately prepare students for the California Bar Examination. This program has two major components: two (2) for-credit courses (“Select Topics in American Law” and “Legal Analysis Workshop”) and a Supplemental Bar Preparation Program offered free to all Chapman students in the two months before the bar exam. For further details on these programs, please see our Bar Preparation Program.

For more information, please feel free to contact Professor Faulkner.

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Did you know...

The Academic Achievement Center offers numerous workshops and presentations, like the Bar Examination Preparation Kickoff for Graduating Students, How to Prepare Outlines, Time and Stress Management, and Academic Advising for 2Ls. Get your Bar Exam, class planning, and general law school achievement questions answered at these workshops. 
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Kristen Briney

Kristen Briney ('12)

"I can attribute a lot of my academic success to having great academic fellows."

Suzanna Harman

Suzanna Harman ('14)

"Because law school exams are so different than ordinary exams, going to the Academic Achievement Program gave me the guidance and practice that I needed to succeed."