» Shortcuts Frequently Asked Questions

+ - What do each of these buttons do?

Save page: A single click on this button will add that page to your saved pages tab in Your Shortcuts.

Unsave: You will only see this option if your current page is one of your saved pages in Your Shortcuts. Clicking this button will remove the current page from the saved pages tab in Your Shortcuts.

Your Shortcuts: Clicking on this button will open Your Shortcuts and give you access to your saved pages, recent pages, recent searches and recent blog posts from Happenings.

Don't Show Again: If you do not want Shortcuts to come up automatically when you access Chapman'swebsite, you can utilize this button to minimize the screen. The save and shortcuts buttons will still show up under the search bar if you want to access Shortcuts manually in the future.

+ - Can I add a saved page from the Shortcuts screen?

No, you will need to use the ‘save page’ button at the top of the page you would like to save in order for it to be added to your shortcuts.

+ - Can I unsave a page from the Shortcuts screen?

Yes, you can. To the right of each of your saved pages you will see an ‘x’. A single click on the ‘x” will prompt you to click once more to ensure that you truly want to delete the page.

+ - Hey, where did all my saved info go?

‘Your Shortcuts’ uses browser cookies to keep your information saved. If you clear your browser history this will delete all of your browser cookies and the information on your Shortcuts page. In addition, your browser cookies are specific to each computer you use. If you switch computers your shortcuts will need to be re-entered on your new computer.

+ - How do I save a page?

Saving a page is as easy as a single click. You will see two red buttons just below the search bar on each page. One button will say ‘save page’, the other will say ‘your shortcuts’. Clicking the 'save page' button will add that page to your saved pages in Shortcuts.

+ - How do I delete a saved page?

Go to the page you would like to delete and use the ‘unsave’ button to remove that page from your shortcuts.

+ - I deleted a saved page, can I get it back?

Shortcuts does not have an ‘undo’ feature, but you can always re-save the page.

+ - What is the difference between ‘recent pages’ and ‘recent searches’?

Recent pages shows the last 10 pages that you visited on the Chapman site. This will not include any pages in MyWindow or on the web.chapman server. Recent searches will reflect the search terms you have used on your last 10 searches on the site. The links will take you back to the search results page for that term.

+ - Is there a limit to the number of pages I can add to the saved pages tab?

No, you can save as many pages as you like, but the tab will only show 10 pages at a time starting with the most recent. Any pages over 10 will move on to a second or third page as applicable.

+ - Can I customize the recent blog posts to only see news for a certain school?

No, this tab is meant to connect everyone with the latest news for the whole university. Everyone sees the same posts from Happenings.
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