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    Chapman Celebrates

    November 5, 2016

» Gala Night

The curtain is down, the house lights are up and the lingering audience has at last departed. It was a fantastic night as usual, and now it is over for another year.

Chapman Celebrates, the glittering extravaganza that debuted in 1981 as American Celebration, made its inaugural bow in our newly minted and magnificent Musco Center, and it was larger and more spectacular than ever.

Thank you for being part of this historical night. Over the years, one thing has never changed: Proceeds from every gala go exclusively toward student scholarships. And this year is no different and we ask that you consider supporting this scholarship fund with a year-end donation. Your gift will help provide a world class education to a deserving student such as Emiko Kaneoka ’19.

Emiko Kaneoka

"From the moment I stepped onto campus, I knew Chapman University could be my home. Although I was only a high school student at the time, something about the atmosphere, the students and the faculty that surrounded me felt strangely familiar, yet exhilaratingly new. Since then, I was fortunate enough to be accepted to Chapman University as a public relations and advertising major, and experience my first semester here. Now, as a second-semester freshman, I can truly say that the beautiful campus, exceptional faculty, amazing career opportunities and friends I've made, have proven Chapman to be my new home. Without the academic and Disciples of Christ scholarships that I received, Chapman may not have been an option for me. I would like to truly thank every Chapman University donor, along with my parents, for supporting my academic pursuits and future at this extraordinary university."

Emiko Kaneoka '19
Major: Public relations & advertising
Hometown: La Habra, California

As 82 percent of our student population benefit from financial aid and scholarships, please consider supporting our Chapman Celebrates performers and stars. Most of them probably could not attend Chapman without your help.

+ - Thank You to our 2016 Sponsors

Julianne and George Argyros ’59 – Argyros Family Foundation
Lisa Argyros ’07 – Argyros Family Foundation
Brenda and Michael Carver – R.J. Noble Company
Sharon and Tom Malloy
Trench Shoring Company
Suki and Randall McCardle ’58 (M.A. ’66)

Ashleigh Aitken and Michael Penn (JD ’04)
Bette and Wylie Aitken
Teri and Bob Elliott
Doy Henley
Simon Foundation for Education and Housing

Joan and George Adams – SA Recycling
Lisa and Phil Case
Daniel Temianka, M.D. and Zeinab Dabbah, M.D. (J.D. ’12)
Donna and Barry Goldfarb - The Saul Brandman Foundation
Donna and David Janes
Barbara and Mark Chapin Johnson ’05, Ph.D. – Mark Chapin Johnson Foundation
Laura Khouri
Harry and Diane Rinker Foundation
Deedee and Don Sodaro
The Crean Foundation – In Memory of Donna and John Crean
Holly and David Wilson – Wilson Automotive Group

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Kay and James P. Burra
Nancy and Irving Chase
Kristin Crellin – SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
Hutton Parker Foundation
Jennifer Keller – Keller/Anderle LLP
Parker Kennedy – First American Financial Corporation
Sarah and Joe E. Kiani - Masimo Corporation
Joann Leatherby and Greg Bates – Leatherby Family Foundation
Melinda Masson – Masson Family Foundation
Rick Nargi - Sodexo
Gail and Ronald E. Soderling

Platinum Syndicated Tickets
Christine and Lon Cross - The Klein Family Foundation

Individual Ticket Sponsors
Automobile Club of Southern California
Cynthia and Akin Ceylan '90
Robin Follman-Otta and David S. Otta
Rebecca and Randy Hall - Idea Hall
Ludie and David Henley
Jan and Mark Hilbert
Wei-Bing Hung and Charles Price
Dennis Kuhl
Annabel and Jamie Montgomery
Ann Moskowitz
Nancy and Richard J. Muth '81 - ORCO Block & Hardscape
James Roszak
Toni and Jim Wilson

Nahed and Sherif Abdou
Katie and Scott Chapman
Theodora L. Fleming and Jon S. Hauser -
The Thomas J. and Theodora Lynch Fleming Foundation
Kay and Gary Liebl
Deborah Lima
Lori and Jeff Runnfeldt

In-Kind Sponsors
Richard Reisman - Orange County Business Journal

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Gala Night 2016

Gala Chairs

Ashleigh Aitken

Michael Penn (JD '04)

Citizens of the Year Award

Sharon and Thomas Malloy

Presidential Medal in the Arts

Robert A. Elliott

Honorary Chairs

Bette and Wylie Aitken

Julianne and George L. Argyros ’59

Marybelle and S. Paul Musco

Honorary Committee

Zee Allred and Drago B. Gligic

Marta and Raj Bhathal

Lynn Booth

Brenda and Michael Carver

Deborah and Larry Bridges

Kay and James P. Burra

Lisa and Phil Case

Nancy and Irving Chase

Kristin Crellin

Christine and Lon Cross

Daniel Temianka, M.D. and
Zeinab Dabbah, M.D. (J.D. ’12)

Barry Goldfarb

Doy Henley

Donna and David Janes

Barbara and Mark Chapin
Johnson ’05, Ph.D.

Joann Leatherby and Dr. Greg Bates

Twyla and Charles D. Martin

Melinda Masson

Suki and Randall R.
McCardle ’58 (M.A. ’66)

Milan Panic

Diane and Harry S. Rinker

Sandi and Ron Simon

Deedee and Don Sodaro

Gail and Ronald E. Soderling