» Francis Memorial Lectureship

This lectureship was established in honor of Prof. Fred Francis, an expert on the writings of the Apostle Paul. Prof. Francis taught New Testament and Christian Ethics in the Religious Studies Department at Chapman from 1964-1984. The lectureship was established in 1984 to bring eminent biblical scholars from around the world to speak to the Chapman community. Upcoming and past lectures include:

Founder's Day 2014

The Francis Lectureship will co-sponsor Professor John Dominic Crossan as Founder's Day keynote speaker. In addition to the Founder's Day events, which are held on Friday and Saturday, Dr. Crossan will also deliver a lecture John Dominic Crossanthe preceding Thursday night to students and lead class discussions. Visit Dr. Crossan's website for more information on his work.

November 14, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities and Military Outpost: Megiddo, Samaria and Jezreel


Dr. Norma Franklin, Tel Aviv University

Presentation and lecture by Tel Aviv archaeologist, Dr. Norma Franklin, exploring the archaeology and history of the biblical cities of Megiddo, Samaria and Jezreel in Israel. Samaria was the hilltop capital of the northern Kingdom of Israel.  It was the site of the royal palace; the official residence of the kings of Israel and the place of their burial. Yet the city of Megiddo was strategically more important. Surrounded on three sides by alternating hills and deep valleys, it sat astride the great north-south “Way of the Sea” and overlooked the fertile Jezreel Valley that stretched to the east. The compound of Jezreel, perched on the foothills of the Gilboa range, stood sentry—a small but crucial military outpost. In her lecture, Dr. Franklin detailed the geography and archaeology of these three great Biblical sites so crucial to our understanding of ancient Israel. To view her lecture, click here.

Gale YeeOctober 5, 2010  

Marginalization, Women and the Bible

Dr. Gale A. Yee, Episcopal Divinity School

Dr. Yee is the Nancy W. King Professor of Biblical Studies, Episcopal Divinity School and is the author of Poor Banished Children of Eve; Woman as Evil in the Hebrew Bible; Jewish Feasts and the Gospel of John; Composition and Tradition in the Book of Hosea: A Redaction Critical Investigation and Judges and Method; New Approaches in Biblical Studies.

View this lecture on women in the Bible and ancient Israel

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