» Why should I choose Asian Studies as a minor/major?

Asian Studies

The peoples of Asia have produced some of the world's most ancient and sophisticated cultures, many of which continue to thrive in the 21st century. Today Asia plays a major role in shaping the global environment—economic, political, natural—that we all share.

Whether your interests focus on politics and diplomacy, international business, communication and journalism, education and academia, comparative cultures, or literature and art, researching and learning about Asia is a significant component in preparing you to engage a twenty-first century globalized environment.

Flexible Major & Minor Requirements:

  • Choose from among a wide array of courses to fulfill requirements
  • Individually tailored area of focus for electives

  • Selected capstone project working closely with a faculty mentor
  • Read primary texts in the original with individualized language instruction: 
Japanese and Chinese

Taught by Professors Engaged in International Research:

Opportunities for Education Outside of the Classroom: