» Minor in Creative and Cultural Industries

LearningCreative and Cultral Industries (CCI) is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the arts and humanities. CCI looks at the vast array of cultural and creative activities from a local to global perspective, with subject areas as diverse as media, fashion, tourism, museums, art galleries, publishing, sports, gaming, new technologies, and visual cultures. This minor explores how these activities form part of our cultures and ways of understanding. CCI is also about the nature of creativity and how that is an essential part of our lives; of how we use creativity in different ways to solve issues, come up with new ideas and approaches, and unsettle the way the world thinks. CCI can be defined as the liberal arts for the 21st century. Many of the traditional versions of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences are being reshaped by the research and practices of the creative and cultural industries.

What can you do with a CCI minor?

Graduating with a minor in CCI will position you competitively in the fastest growing job markets of the 21st Century. You will gain skills and experience through internships that can carry over to multiple areas in culture sector, media and creative industries.

Where do I go with CCI skills?

  • Music, Gaming, Fashion Industries
  • Museums, Art Galleries
  • Digital Media Providers
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Cultural Policy
  • Journalism
  • Publishing
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Design
  • Research positions in governance
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Postgraduate study
  • Tourism

+ - Course Requirements

CMCI 100 Mediated Lives and Cultural Industries 3 credits
CMCI 202 Popular Culture 3 credits
CMCI 300 Identities and Cultural Emotion in 21st Century 3 credits
CMCI 302 Cultural Memories in the Digital Age 3 credits

CMCI 204/Art 204 Introduction to Museum Studies 3 credits
FS 443F Italian Cinema: Politics, Art, and Industry 3 credits
ITAL 387 Italian American Cinema 3 credits
ITAL 346 Italian Translation for Tourism and Cultural Promotion 3 credits
ITAL 340 History and Culture of Food in Italy 3 credits
ITAL 385 From Page to Screen: Literature and Film in Italy 3 credits
FREN 323 French Popular Music: A Mirror of Society 3 credits
FREN 340 Cuisine in French Literature and Film 3 credits
FREN 341 Literary & Cinematographic Images of the French Past 3 credits
FREN 347 Business French 3 credits
GER 347 Business German 3 credits
ITAL 347 Business Italian: Professional Language and Culture 3 credits
JPN 347 Business Japanese 3 credits
FREN 355 Memories of World War II in French Films 3 credits
FREN 370 Writing About Food: French Composition 3 credits
FREN 387 Remakes and Adaptations in Films: From France to Hollywood 3 credits
GER 341 German Film 3 credits
JPN 349 Advanced Japanese: Topics in Literature and Cinema 3 credits
SPAN 470 Techno Writing & Global Perspectives in Latin American Literature & Culture 3 credits
SPAN 487 Hispanic Cinema and Globalization: Society, History and Culture 3 credits
SPAN 487 Hispanic Cinema and Globalization: Society, History and Culture 3 credits
ART 120 Photographic Imaging 3 credits
ART 121 Digital Imaging 3 credits
ART 122 Objects and Space 3 credits
ART 123 Painting and Mark Making 3 credits
ART 124 Drawing and Planning 3 credits
ART 125 Introduction to New Genres 3 credits
ART 132 Visualization - Perspective and Rendering 3 credits
ART 195 Art and Text 3 credits
ENG 203 Humanities Computing 3 credits
ENG 211 Introduction to Digital Media Workshop 3 credits
ENG 211L Introduction to Digital Media Workshop Lab 0 credit
ENG 215 Theory and Practice of Journalism 3 credits
ENG 241 Introduction to Sports Journalism 3 credits
ENG 253 Photojournalism 3 credits
ENG 328 Writing for Video Games 3 credits
ENG 375 Composing New Media 3 credits
ENG 421 Humanities Computing 3 credits
ENG 472 Film, Gender, Sexuality 3 credits
ENG 484 Introduction to Digital Humanities 3 credits
ANTH 211 Visual Culture 3 credits
ANTH 335 Anthropology of Space and Place 3 credits
SOC 364 The Political Economy 3 credits