» Guggenheim Gallery Exhibit History

The Guggenheim Gallery, is housed in Moulton Center, near Waltmar Theatre, at the corner of Palm and Center, and was built in 1975 with a gift from Robert and Shirley Guggenheim. It sponsors an annual schedule of exhibitions by professional artists, students and community arts organizations.

Solo exhibitions by internationally known California artists such as Manuel Ocampo and Tim Hawkinson alternate with group exhibitions organized around themes which have included death and dying, sex and humor, the Vietnam war, public art, and religion.

Part of the regular gallery programming are collaborations with area institutions, such as Confronting Nature: Silenced Voices with Cal State Fullerton, Art and Architecture, with ten Southern California museums and galleries, and the 1994 Orange County Olympic Arts Festival.

Chapman students mount group exhibitions each semester and are required to show their work individually as juniors and seniors.

Community arts organizations such as So. Cal. Artists, the Orange Unified School District, the Orange Art Association, and the Orange PTA sponsor exhibitions in the gallery when classes are not in session. University organizations also hold receptions in the gallery.

+ - 2011 - Current

Fall 2016: The Emblematic, July 18 - Aug. 14

Fall 2016: Current Position #1, Aug. 28- Sept. 30

Fall 2016: Current Position #2, Oct. 10 - Nov. 6

Fall 2016: Lunar Mission UK, Nov. 14-Nov. 18

Fall 2016: GD Portfolio Assessment, Nov. 14 - Nov. 18

Fall 2016: Departmental Submissions, Nov. 28 - Dec. 3

Fall 2016: Departmental Show, Dec. 5 - Dec. 9

Spring: 2016: UP-ISH, Feb. 1 - Mar. 11

Spring 2016: BFA Graphic Design I, Mar. 28 - Apr. 1

Spring 2016: BFA Graphic Design II, Apr. 4-Apr. 8

Spring 2016: BFA Art Junior Show, Apr. 11 - Apr. 15

Spring 2016: BFA Art Senior Show I, Apr. 18 - Apr. 22

Spring 2016: BFA Art Senior Show II, Apr. 25 - Apr. 29

Spring 2016: Departmental Show, May 9 - May 13

Fall 2015: Paths and Edges, July 20 - Sept. 18

Fall 2015: Panting Abstraction, Sept. 28-Nov. 6

Fall 2015: Lunar Mission UK, Nov. 9 - Nov. 13

Fall 2015: Turner Deacquisition, Nov. 16 - Nov. 20

Fall 2015: Fall Portfolio Assessment, Nov. 16 - Nov. 20

Fall 2015: Departmental Submissions, Nov. 30 - Dec. 4

Fall 2015: Departmental Show, Dec. 7-Dec. 11

Spring 2015: Feminism Show Curated by Nancy Buchanan, Feb. 2 - Mar. 15

Spring 2015: BFA Graphic Design 1, Mar. 30 - Apr. 3

Spring 2015: BFA Graphic Design 2, Apr. 6 - Apr. 10

Spring 2015: BFA Studio Jr., Apr. 13 - Apr. 17

Spring 2015: BFA Studio Sr. 1, Apr. 20 - Apr. 24

Spring 2015: BFA Studio Sr. 2, Apr. 27 - May. 1

Spring 2015: Departmental Submissions, May 4 - May 8

Spring 2015: Departmental End of Semester Student Show, May 11 - May 15

Fall 2014: Sniff the Space Flat on Your Face, Aug. 25 – Sept. 25, 2014

Fall 2014: Life Transmissions, Oct. 6 - Oct. 31, 2014

Fall 2014: Graphic Design Student Assessment Show (BFA in Graphic Design), Nov. 17 - Nov. 21, 2014

Fall 2014: Departmental - End of Semester Student Show, Dec. 1 - Dec. 5, 2014

Summer 2014: Knock Off, Select Works from the Escalette Collection & Guggenheim Gallery, May 19 – Aug. 15, 2014

Spring 2014: Your Shell is Made of Air: The Meaningful City, Jan 27 – Feb 28, 2014

Spring 2014: BFA Graphic Design Sophomore Portfolio Assessment, Mar 10 – Mar 14, 2014

Spring 2014: BFA Graphic Design Junior Portfolio Assessment, Mar. 17 – Mar. 21, 2014

Spring 2014: Senior Studio Art Student Show, Mar. 31 – April 4, 2014

Spring 2014: BA & BFA Studio Art Senior Seminar, April 7 – April 11, 2014

Spring 2014: BA & BFA Studio Art Senior Seminar, April 14 – April 18, 2014

Spring 2014: Departmental Show, May 5 – May 9, 2014

Fall 2013: Syrop & Chang, A Two Person Exhibition in Conjunction with the 2013 California-Pacific Triennial, June 30 - Sep 14, 2013

Fall 2013: Demolition Women, Curated by Commonwealth and Council, Sep 23 - Oct 25, 2013

Fall 2013: Environmental Graphics, ART 393: Sustainable Design in London 2013, Nov 4 - Nov 8, 2013

Fall 2013: Art Student Assessment Show, BFA in Graphic Design and BFA in Art, Nov 11 - Nov 15, 2013

Fall 2013: Departmental, End of Semester Student Show, Dec 2 - Dec 6, 2013

Spring 2013: Wir Drei Figurative Painting, January 30 - March 1, 2013

Spring 2013: BFA Grapic Design Sophomore Show, March 11 - 15, 2013

Spring 2013: BFA Grapic Design Junior Show, March 18 - 22, 2013

Spring 2013: BFA Studio Junior Show, April 1 - 5, 2013

Spring 2013: BA/BFA Studio Show #1, April 8 - 12, 2013

Spring 2013: BA/BFA Studio Show #2, Aoril 15 - 19, 2013

Spring 2013: Departmental End of Semester Student Show, April 22 - May 3, 2013

Spring 2013: Departmental End of Semester Show, April 22 - May 5, 2013

Fall 2012: Lick it Into Shape: Friending the Ephemeral, August 20 through September 20, 2012 featuring Brandon Andrew, Young Chung, Public Fiction, Samara Golden, Alex Jasch, Cyril Kuhn, Davida Nemeroff, Paul Pescador, curated by Marcus Herse.

Dark Matters Dark Matters Dark Matters
Dark Matters Dark Matters Dark Matters

Fall 2012: Dark Matters, October 1, 2012 – October 28, 2012 featuring Krysten Cunningham, Adam Feldmeth, Tobias Hantmann, Christian Jendreiko, Analia Saban, Monika Stricker, curated by Marcus Herse.

Sorry We're Late to the Party Sorry We're Late to the Party Sorry We're Late to the Party
Sorry We're Late to the Party Sorry We're Late to the Party Sorry We're Late to the Party

Fall 2012: BFA Graphic Design and BA Studio Student Show: Sorry We're Late to the Party, Elizabeth Bacon, Case Conching, Mike Gembarski, Katie Kland, Elizabeth Mule, Stephanie Pieper, Michael Regan, Jessica Samson, Will Schoenfeld, Josh Sorosky, Will Sproule, Melanie Reichert, Roxanne Sharif.

Other/Other Other/Other Other/Other
Other/Other Other/Other Other/Other

Fall 2012: Senior Art Exhibition: Other/Other, featuring work of Robbie Kociela and Tyler Park.

Fall 2012: Departmental End of Semester Show, December 1 - 7, 2012

Summer 2011: Carson Gladson, Musical Improvisations. Paintings and drawings of 1961 Department of Art alumnus.

Spring 2011: Measure for Measure, curated by Lisa Randall and Lia Halloran. Featuring Elizabeth Tobias, Susan Sironi, Katrina McElory, Meeson Pae Yang, Felicity Nove, Barbara Parmet and Zig Gron.

Winter 2011: Breakdown, curated by Julie Schustack. Featuring Matthew Alan Price, John Chwekun, Emily Maddigan, Katie Martineau-Caron, Kristen Morgin, Thomas Muller, Julie Schustack and Christian Tedeschi.

Lick it Into Shape Lick it Into Shape Lick it Into Shape
Lick it Into Shape Lick it Into Shape Lick it Into Shape

+ - 2000 - 2010

Fall 2010: (re-): un-historical documents curated by Ellina Kevorkian. Featuring Angela Ellsworth, Micol Hebron, Rachel Lachowicz, Angela Marzullo, John Millei and Richard Newton.

Fall 2010: Altered Appropriations: Making Strange featuring Abigail Reynolds, Kim Rugg, Curtis Mann, Soo Kim, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Mickey Smith and Peter Wegner.

Spring 2006: Drawing Conclusions on the Wall. Todd Bourett, Collin Chilllag, Dawn Clements, Angela Ellsworth, Jacob Stewart-Halevy, Nicola Lopez, Julia Page, David Quan, C.E.B. Reas, Guy Richards Smit, David Shrigley, Vince Valdez, Andy Moon Wilson, Andrew Jeffrey Wright.

drawing conclusions on the wall  drawing conclusions on the wall

Fall 2005: New Sculpture. Analia Saban, Joshua Callahan, Kia Neil, Cheyenne Weaver, Wendy Uzarski

new sculpture  new sculpture

Fall 2005: Bernard Williams, Buffalo Chart:
My Symbolic Chronicle of the American Story.  Solo installation by Guggenheim Gallery's first artist in residence.

my symbolic chronicle of the american story  my symbolic chronicle of the american story

Spring 2005: Roger Herman, Schlumbergera Paintings.

Herman, Roger

Fall 2004: Hubert Schmalix, curated by Michael Reafsnyder

peach blossom

Fall 2004: American Stars N' Bars, curated by Philip Martin.  Jules de Balincourt, Erik Bluhm, Mari Eastman, Karl Haendel, Todd Hebert, Dana Hoey, Aaron Morse, Mike Pare.

american stars n barsFall 2004 Postcard  

Spring 2004: Poetics of Proximity, curated by Lida Abdul and Gul Cagin.  Abdelali Dahrouch, Arzu Arda Kosar, Gul Cagin, Habib Kheradyar, Lida Abdul, Masood Kamandy, Serkan Ozkaya, Taraneh Hemami, Zineb Sedira

poetics of proximity

Fall 2003: Signals from a Deserted Outpost, curated by Brad Spence.  Sky Burchard, Nicole Cohen, Steven Criqui, Jim Ovelmen, Loren Sandvik, Shirley Tse, Richard Turner

signals from a deserted outpost  signals from a deserted outpost

Fall 2003: Open Ticket, curated by Charleen Morla.  Susan Choi, Young Chung, Cirilo Domine, Alvin P. Gregorgio, Mary Gregorio, Nguyen Tan Hoang, Lucas Michael, Christine Morla, Eric Reyes, Lida Abdullah, Gul Cagin

open ticket  open ticket

Spring 2003: Form and Function, curated by Kati Rubinyi. Ann Burdick, AUDC with Steve Rowell, Durfee Regn Sandhaus, GRAFT, Yeh + Jerrard.

Fall 2002: The Trade Show (organized by Michael Reafsnyder).  From the collections of Lyn Aldrich; Tim Bavington; Mark Bennett; Tony Delap; Jacci Den Hartog; Dispute Resolution Services; Tim Ebner; Sally Elesby; Roger Herman; LA Eyeworks; David Levinthal; James Hayward; Ken Kleinberg; Paul McCarthy; Ed Moses; Patrick Nickel; Cathy Opie; Marc Pally; Pierre Picot; George Porcari; Elizabeth Pulsinelli; Michael Reafsnyder; Adam Ross; Thomas Ruff; James Welling; Wayne White; Yek; Jeffrey Yoshimina and others.

Fall 2002: The Frustrated Landscape, curated by Tyler Stallings. Tony Alien; Paris McReynolds; Ruby Osorio; Tony de los Reyes; Tyler Stallings; Wayne White.

Spring 2002: A Little Application of our Much-Touted Know-How, curated by Brian Tucker.  David John Oates; Richard Sharpe Shaver; and the Veilleux family of Maine.

a little application of our much touted know how  a little application of our much touted know how

Spring 2002: Group Exhibition.  Mark Bradford; Richard Haga; and Daniel Mendell-Black.

Interterm 2002: Over Here, Over There, curated by Brenda Regier. Brenda Regier; Nathalie Junod Ponsard; Mee Ping Leung; Yin Xiuzhen; Nana Tchitchoua; Lisa Tan (traveling exhibition).

Fall 2001: Summerland; recent work by Stephen Shackleford (main gallery)
Musings for the Frustrated Lumberjack; recent work by Paul Cherwick (Project Room).

Spring 2001: Vital Signs; Visual Art in the City of Orange (invitational).

February 2001: Ten Days in February, Skeith Dewine; Jason Eden; Chris Elliott; Doug and Gary Quinn; Amy Russell; Loren Sandvick.

Fall 2000: Katie Grinnan; Alice Konitz; Christie Fields (sculpture)

Fall 2000: The Waiting Room: An installation by Richard Kamler.

Spring 2000: The Changing Face of Portraiture, curated by Maggi Owens.  Robert Arneson; Amy Adler; Jo Ann Callis; Arturo Cuenca; Sam Erenberg; Christopher French; Laura Lasworth; Dinh Q. Le; Sam Messer; Ana Mendieta^ Robert Russell; Donald Roller Wilson; Peter Zokosky.

Spring 2000: My Living Doll, curated by Michael Duncan.  Eleanor Antin; Morion Bartlett, Ruth Bemhard; Marcia Binnendyk; Pollyanne Hombeck; Nancy Jackson; Ben Judd; Drue Langlois; Laura Larson; Pierre Molinier; Ellen Phelan; Troy Swain; Emmanuel Tet; Thomas Trosch; Mamie Weber.

+ - 1990 - 1999

Fall 1999 -- The White Cube at the Final Frontier, curated by Blair Townsend and Richard Turner.  Miriam Dym; Christian Mounger; Brad Spence.

Fall 1999 -- Pushing Paint.  Jane Callister; Jane Dickson; Ken Kelly; Udomsak Krisanamis; Joseph Lee; Donald Moffett; Sabina Ott; James Richards; Keith Sklar; Carolee Toon and Leslie Wayne.

Spring 1999 -- Real Deal. Sean Duffy; Soo Kim; Karin Lanzoni; Brian Olson; Brad Spence and Izumi Tachiki.

Spring 1999 -- East of Eden: Profane Gardens. Maura Bendett, Elizabeth Bryant, Liz Craft, Jacci Den Hartog, Dana Duff, Patrick Nickell, Michael Pierzynski and Marina Rosenfeld.

east of eden  east of eden

Fall 1998 -- Everybody Loves a Clown, Baby, Why Don't You. William Anthony; Bill Barminski, David Best, Carole Caroompas, Edward Chimot, Michael Cockrill, Phyllis Davidson, Robert Eads, Tim Ebner, Don Fritz, Christina Hale, Cameron Jamie, Tom Knechtel, Michael Knowlton, Ben Messick, Pablo Picasso. Jim Shaw, Arthur Sheppard, Red Skelton, Dani Tull, Jeffrey Vallance and Peter Zokosky.

everybody loves a clown  everybody loves a clown

Fall 1998 -- New Planning Part 2 Disrupting Maps. Miriam Dym, Project Room. Solo exhibition.

new planning  new planning

Fall 1998 -- Juvenescence. Elaine Brandt, Enrique Chagoya, Georganne Deen, Chris Finley, Nicky Hoberman, Robin Lowe, Inez Van Lamsweerde, Laura London, Rebecca Midwood and Dani Tull.

juvenescence  juvenescence

Spring 1998 -- Same Difference. William Anastasi, Judy Baca, Michael Ray Charles, Susan Choi, Tom of Finland, Ken Gonzales-Day, David Levinthal, Daniel Marlos, Kori Newkirk, Manuel Ocampo and Alfred Quiroz.

same difference  same difference

Spring 1998 -- Ten Days in February.  Exhibition of works by emerging artists.

Spring 1998 -- Refuse: Student/Faculty Theme Show. Art department students and faculty exhibit works created in response to a chosen theme.

Fall 1997 -- Selections From The Collections of John Turner. Works by outsider artists and popular culture artifacts.

Turner  Turner

Fall 1997 -- Georganne Deen, Martha Lewis. Two solo painting exhibitions

solo painting exhibition  solo painting exhibition

Spring 1997 -- Unbuilt Southern California. Models, drawings and proposals for works of public art by 50 California artists

Spring 1997 -- After Pierre Menard. David Bunn, Meg Cranston, Dave Muller, Jerome Saint-Loubert-Bie and Mitchell Syrup

Fall 1996 -- Patterns. Elizabeth Pulsinelli, solo exhibition

Fall 1996 -- On And Off The Wall. Linda Besemer, Julia Couzens, Sally Elesby, Gary Martin Cornelius O'Leary, Harry Philbrick, Nancy Rubins and Daniel Weiner.

Spring, 1996 -- Absence. Uta Barth, Ross Bleckner, Carrie Mae Weems, Elizabeth Bryant, John Divola, Loma Simpson, Theresa Pendlebury and Daniel Wheeler.

spring 2006 Postcard

Spring 1996 -- Restoration of Virtue. Susan Hombeak-Ortiz, solo exhibition.

Homebeak-Ortiz  Homebeak-Ortiz

Fall 1995 -- Takeoffs. Basil Wolverton, Cameron Jamie, Doug Harvey, Peter Mitchell Dayton, Brian Tucker, Christian Schumann, Nicole Eisenman, Yoshimoto Nara, Angus Fairhurst, Rachel Hecker, Katie Merz.

Fall 1995 -- Confronting Nature: Silenced Voices. Terry Alien, Jacki Apple, The Art Guys, Eden Banas, Bill Bums, Rimer Cardillo, Maria Fernanda, Cardosa, Gregory Crewdsen, Michele Gambetta, Biff Henrich, Damien Hirst, John Huggins, Ed and Nancy Kienholz, John Lofaso, David Mach, Bill Scanga, Mark Niblock-Smith, Laura Stein, Jeffrey Vallance and Theodore Waddell

Spring 1995 -- Issues Of Empire.  Karen Atkinson; Dominique Blain; Enrique Chagoya; Wim Devoye; Alfredo Jaar; Jean Lowe; Kim MacConnell; Connie Samaras; Deborah Small and Baochi Zhang

issues of empire  issues of empire

Spring 1995 -- Fabrication.  Desiree Alvarez; Linda Bumham; Carole Caroompas; Laura Cooper; Steve DeGroodt; Kim Dingle; David Grant; Steve Hurd; Laura Paddock; M.A Peers; Carter Potter; Tad Savinar; Steven Seemayer; TJ. Wilcox and Randy Wray


Fall 1994 -- Urban Artists and The Natural World.  Mark Abramson; Laurie Brown; Jacqueline Dreager; Allyson Hollingsworth; Kristah; Cathy Lightfoot; Marcos Lutyens; Eva Mantell; Jack Nault; Jill Poyourow; Tim Quiim; Jan Sakoguchi; Carol Selter; Richard Stein; Luther Thie; Hoang Vu and Katherine Worel.

Fall 1994 -- Treading on Hallowed Ground.  Don Abramson; Bill Barminski; Clifford Davis; Mary Cecile Gee; Fernando Hernandez; Hikaru Hxata; Chris Hopkins; Marlo Marrero; Kenna Moser; Manuel Ocampo; Michael Tang and Marcy Watton.

Spring 1994 -- The Grammarians, curated by Michael Anderson. Lisa Auerbach; Kenneth Goldsmith; Alexis Hall; Gabrielle Jennings; Tyler StallingsFrances Stark; Raymond Pettibon; Guy de Cointet and Ben Weismann

Spring 1994 -- Tim Hawkinson. Solo exhibition.


Fall 1993 -- Different Strokes.  Judie Bamber, Nayland Blake, Keith Boadwee, Nicole Eisenman, Bob Flanagan, Pat Lasch, Cary S. Leibowitz, Zoe Leonard, Atilla Richard Lukacs, Todd Murphy, Kerrie Peterson, Dani Tull, Anne Walsh, Sue Williams and Millie Wilson.

different strokes

Fall 1993 -- Cemetery.  Maria Fernanda Cardoza. Solo exhibition.

cemetary  cemetary

Spring 1993 -- The Contemporary Psychedelic Experience. Marc Willey,
R.K. Sloane, Glenn Hirsch, Richard James, Byron Werner, Henry Hill, Suzanne Williams, Bruce Conner, Jim Shaw, Fred Tomaselli, Anthony Ausgang, Reynolds Tenazas Norman, Douglas O'Neill and S. Clay Wilson

Spring 1993  -- Joseph Bertiers, Kane Kwei. Contemporary painting and sculpture from Africa

Kwei and Bertiers  Kwei and Bertiers

Fall 1992 -- Project X The First Show. Stephen Berens, Ellen Birrell, Jorge Pardo, Theresa Pendlebury, Jam Tumler and Eric Otsea

Fall 1992 -- Just Call Jane/Natural Law. Installations by Diane Malley, Suzy Kerr and Linda Levinson

Spring 1992 -- Expulsion. An installation by Ann Preston
1992 Postcard

Spring 1992 -- Undeniable and Authentic. Pierre Picot, Ali Acerol, Henk Elenga and Jeff Yoshimine

Spring 1992 -- City Library. Manuel Ocampo, Annie Gosfield and Roger Kleir

Fall 1991 -- Landscape/Six Perspectives. Candy Jernigan, Karl Gernot Kuehn, Mark Lipscomb, Sandra Dean, Craig Kiplin and Craig Roper

Fall 1991 -- Death as a Creative Force. Cam Slocum, Ron Pippin, Jeff, Tom Stanton, Norman Schwab, Patrick Graham, Bruce Nauman, Nick Sperakis, Judy Fiskin, Kim Abeles, Stanley C. Wilson and Ed Colver

Spring 1991 -- Bill Boaz Retrospective. Paintings and drawings

Spring 1991 -- Quiet Light. John Sexton photographs

Fall 1990 -- Paul Conrad. Drawings

Fall 1990 -- Ironic Objects/Subversive Associations. Ellen Birrell, Andrew Short, Lak Prasasvintachai and Peter Seidler

Spring 1990 -- Irritating Substances. Paintings by Manuel Ocampo

Manuel Ocampo  Manuel Ocampo

Spring 1990 -- Russian Icons From The Collection of Mrs. Evelyn LaLanne, curated by Wendy Salmond.

Spring 1990 -- Graduate Sculpture Exhibition. Sculpture and installations by area graduate students

+ - 1980 - 1989

Fall 1989 -- Faculty Exhibition.  Stephen Berens, Richard Turner, Bill Boaz, Jane Sinclair, Sharon Corey, Wally Holland and Elizabeth Bryant

Fall 1989 -- New Furniture in Orange County. Matthew Beehler, Karen Cummings and Greg Tate

Spring 1989 -- Graduate Sculpture Exhibition. Sculpture and installations by area graduate students

Spring 1989 -- Patty Wickman. Paintings and drawings

Fall 1988 -- New From Tokyo. Eleven Japanese Photographers, Miki Kojima, Yoko Okubo, Shoichi Ono, Hiroshi Osaka, Ryoichi Saito, Gunji Suda, Noriyoshi Suzuki, Kiyotaka Tanino, Tatsuhiko Tanaka, Toshiro Yamane and Maseo Yamamoto

Fall 1988 -- The Last Supper. An installation by Tulsa Kinney and Karl Matson

Fall 1988 -- Healing the Wounds. Art by California Vietnam veterans

Spring 1988 -- Michael Todd Studio Visit.  An exhibition of sculpture, drawing and material integral to the artist's creative process

Fall 1987 -- Sculpture. John Mottishaw, Laurie Pincus and Gary Keith

Fall 1987 -- Artist/Refugee. Vietnamese artists, Phi Loc, Hanh, Thi Pham, Chi Le, Kirn Ly Harbin, arts and crafts from Laos and Cambodia, documentary photography by Kaz Tsuchikawa, James Higgins and Joan Ross

Spring 1987 -- Graduate Photography Exhibition. Photography by area graduate students

Spring 1987 -- Functional Forms in African Art, curated by Bill Boaz

Spring 1987 --  Recent Work by Women.  Rachel Dutton, Sylvia Impert, Sandra Rowe, Coleen Sterritt, Ruth Weisberg and Judith Simonian

Spring 1986 -- Performance Art Sources: A Visual Record. John White, installation and performance.

Fall 1985 -- Two Los Angeles Painters. Alan Dordick and Michael McCall

Fall 1985 -- David Kiddie. Ceramic sculpture

Fall 1985  -- Artists and the Landscape. Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Joe Deal, Vida Freeman and Maren Hassinger

Spring 1985 -- Gary Martin. Sculpture installation

Spring 1985 -- We Mean You No Harm. Sculpture by N.E. Larkin

Spring 1984 -- Sound and Silence. Sculpture by Mineko Grimmer

Spring 1984 -- Indian Itinerary, Three Interpretations.    Donald Smith, Netter Worthington, Al Zolynas; painting, poetry and photography

June 1984 -- Orange County Sculpture: Source and Process. Barbara Berk, Martin Bernstein, Edna Fisher, John Paul Jones, Joanna Jordan, Julia Klemek, Dug Moran and Connie Zehr

Fall 1984 -- The War and It's Aftermath. (Artists respond to the Vietnam war) Kehinde Solwazi, Aldo Panzeiri, Jor Mariscal, S.G. Krikl, Susan Schagg, Diane Fitch, Hans Burkhardt, Hanh Thi Pham, Sharon Corey, Bill Short, Alfred Quiroz, Yuval Golan, Terry Allen, Arnold Mesches, Suzanne Scheidecker and Jerry Allen Gilmore

Fall 1984 -- Cambodia Witness. An exhibition of photographs by David Hawk of the killing fields in Cambodia, organized by Amnesty International

Spring 1984 -- Private Worlds. Drawings by Lamanet, Robert Anderson and Richard Oginz

Fall 1983 -- The Printed Image. Graphics by John Van Hammersveld

Spring 1983 -- Carson Gladson. Recent drawings

Spring 1983 -- Home Improvement. Paintings by Tony May

Spring 1983 -- Clay in Orange County. A juried exhibition of ceramics by graduate and undergraduate students from Orange County

Fall 1983 -- The Documentary Portrait.   Photography and installations by Violet Hamilton, John Maggiotto, Daniel Martinez, Bonnie Lambert, Noel Kerten, Lance Carlson, Jack Shear, Mihoko Yamagata, Mark Johnstone, Holly Wright, Dennis Callwood, Paul Carlson, C.L. Whiteside and Carrie Mae Weems

Fall 1983 -- Impressions Of Contemporary Bali. An installation by Bill Boaz

Fall 1983 -- The Aziatic Hotel. A narrative installation by Richard Turner (sabbatical exhibition)

Fall 1982 -- Keith Crown.  Watercolors

Fall 1982 -- California Print And Drawing Exhibition. Juror, Jean Milant

Spring 1982 -- The Art of Animation. Preliminary drawings, models and animation eels from the animated film Heavy Metal.

Spring 1982 -- Wilson Burroughs. Drawings

Spring 1981 -- Traps. Group exhibition by faculty and students of Chapman University's art department

Spring 1981 -- Jim Murray and Lisa Bloomfield. Painting, drawing and photography

Fall 1981 -- D.J. Hall. Paintings and drawings

Fall 1980 -- Tom Stanton. Sculpture and paintings

Fall 1980 -- Birdhouse/Holecan.   Site specific architectural sculpture by Peter Shelton

Summer 1980 -- Masked Memories. Paintings and drawings by Kim Sanzo

Spring 1980 -- California Print and Drawing Exhibition. Juror, John Paul Jones

Spring 1980 -- UPI. A selection of news photos from the Chapman University collection of United Press International photographs

Spring 1980 -- India Ink. An exhibition of original black and white art by Rick Griffin

+ - 1972 - 1979

Fall 1979 -- The World of Moin Moin. An esoteric installation by Gail Bates
Fall 1979 -- David Middlebrook. Ceramics
Spring 1979 -- Machines of Sound.  Musical instruments invented and built by artist Bob Bates

Spring 1979 -- California Print and Drawing Exhibition. Juror, Martha Alf
Spring 1979 -- Maps. Group exhibition by faculty and students of Chapman University art department

Fall 1978 -- A Negotiation. Barbara Smith, performance
Fall 1978 -- Continuing Concerns in California Photography.  Fred Lonidier, Phil Steimetz, Bob Zuckerman, Gail Skoff, Resa Tansey, Rick Muri, Bruce Williams, Sherri Scheer, David Howard, Barry Roekiech, Ken Perkins, Yoshio Soga, Garry Hynn, Chris Johnson, Jeff Nikerson, Paul Herzoff, Penny Dahmers, Dave Millman, Michael Beard and Joel Levinson (curator)

Fall 1978 -- Michael Kelly, Marcia Alexander. Painting and sculpture

Fall 1978 -- Faculty Exhibition.   William Boaz, Sharon Corey, Bret Price, Susan Rankaitis, Jane Sinclair, Richard Turner, Bruce Williams and George Zebot
Fall 1978 -- Alumni Exhibition.  Chapman University art department alumni Chuck Daugherty, Carson Gladson, Tim Nordin and Dan Pope

Spring 1978 -- California Print and Drawing Exhibition. Juror, Henry Hopkins
Spring 1978 -- The Television Receiver. Antique television sets from the collection of Gary Hough
Spring 1978 -- Ceramic International. Peter Voulkos, Phil Cornelius, Norm Hines, David Furman, Helen Watson, Joe Soldate, Erick Gromborg, Marilyn Levine, David Middlebrook, Paul Soldner, Linda Rosenus and Shell Kaganoff

Fall 1977 -- Hexagono. Chicano artists Tito Aquirre, Delores Barrows, Isabel Castro, Rick Martinez, Esau Quiroz, Michael Shanahan, Linda Vallemo and Emigdio Vaquez

Fall 1977 -- The Destruction of the Nightmare Towers. Dustin Schuler, performance, sculpture and drawings

Fall 1977 -- Joseph Mugnaini. Paintings, drawings, prints and illustrations

Fall 1977 -- Robert Flick. Photography

Spring 1977 -- Eleven San Pedro Artists.   Craig Antrim, Mariene Bleich, William Crutchfield, George Ketterl, Kathleen McCafferty, Jay McCafferty, John McCracken, Pete Mendez, John Okulick, Martin Webber and Nancy Webber (catalogue)

Spring 1977 -- So Many Artists. Women Artist Information Exchange, Rosalyn Mesquita, Judith I. Corona, Mary Lou Barron, Katie Apgar, Pat Kelly, Eileen L. Roach, Connie Butz, Lea Thompson, Marjorie Sullivan, Lilo K. Hatfield and Charlotte Malone

Spring 1977 -- Black Hole Passion Play. Site specific performance piece by faculty and students of the Chapman University Art and Communication departments
Fall 1976 -- Space at Chapman. Works from artists represented by Space gallery including Carl Cheng, John Rogers, Sandy Bleifer, Michael Davis, Steve Cortright, Robert Anderson, Patrick Morrison, George Page, Ann Page, Larry Hurst and Masami Teraoka

Fall 1976 -- California Print and Drawing Exhibition. Juror, Shiro Ikegawa

Spring 1976 -- Prints and Drawings of Artists by Artists. From the collection of the Palm Springs Desert Museum.
Spring 1976 -- Oliver Gagliani. Photography
Spring 1976 -- A Fiber Environment. Site specific, interactive fiber installation by Pamela Schader

Fall 1975 -- Graduate Images. Group exhibition by graduate art majors from California State University at Long Beach
Fall 1975 -- Collectors and Collections. Sculpture, paintings, prints and drawings from Orange County collectors Ben Deane, Robert Guggenheim, Jack Glenn, Harry Lawrence, Betty Hutton, Carl Berger, Camile Durant and Mrs. Edward Hashinger
Fall 1975 -- Faculty Exhibition.  David Schneiderman, Jane Sinclair, Bill Boaz, Richard Turner, Bruce Williams, Pamela Schader, Toshiko Goto, Rosemarie Williams and Laura Hughes
Spring 1975 -- East/West. Western artists respond to Asian popular culture, Gifford Meyers, Bruce Williams, Stan Harris, Richard Turner and Ben Sakoguchi

Fall 1975 -- Harriet Webb. Figurative sculpture installation
Spring 1972 -- Orange Grove Rip Off.  Site specific sculpture, photography and text documenting the urbanization of Orange County, Richard Turner and Chapman University art students
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