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+ - What if I cannot pay my remaining balance during the term?

A past due balance will prevent registration for future terms and the release of transcripts and or diploma. Students and or Panther Partner Authorized Users are encouraged to contact the Student Business Services Office as soon as possible to discuss their status.

+ - My account has a Business Office hold what does that mean?

A collections hold will prevent your access to request registration, transcripts and diplomas. If any charge remains unpaid past the current term the student account is forwarded into collection status, with a restriction of a collection hold.

Additional steps to help remove a collection hold:

  • If you have been awarded Financial Aid (including Loans, Grants, or Scholarships) and it has not yet been posted to your account, please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.
  • Alternative loans may be a possible source to help pay your past due balance. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information
               Undergraduate Financial Aid: (714) 997-6741 or
               Graduate Financial Aid: (714) 628-2730 or
  • If you are expecting a Graduate Fellowship from a department or an organization, please contact your academic department or the Graduate Financial Aid office at (714) 628-2730 or
  • If you are missing Tuition Remission funds please contact Yesenia Castillo in the Human Resource department at or (714) 997-6749 to verify the receipt of your tuition remission forms.
  • If you are missing tuition assistance or veterans benefits, please contact your Student Account advisor for further assistance.

+ - How can I get in touch with the Collections Office regarding my hold, or my past due account?

Contact Karen Chepeka at the University Collections Office to make arrangements to pay the balance due, or discuss the collections hold, as follows:

  • By email: (include your name, Chapman ID #, use your Chapman email)
  • By fax: (714) 744-7995 (include your name, Chapman ID #, use your Chapman email)
  • By Phone: (714) 997-6649  
  • In person:
    University Collections
    Bhathal Student Services Center
    One University Drive
    Orange, CA 92866

+ - If I have a collections hold on my account do I receive an e-Bill?

You can view your student account at A monthly eBill statement is available for viewing through your Student Center.

If you need assistance with logging into your Student Center, contact the Help Desk at (714) 997-6600

Please keep in mind that if you are set-up on a Repayment Agreement with the collections office, the payment amount listed on your monthly eBill statement does not pertain to your agreement.

Please refer to your Repayment Agreement for your monthly payment amount and due date.

+ - Can I make monthly payments on my past due balance?

The University will allow you to establish a Repayment Agreement to make monthly payments.

Please contact our collections Office for further assistance.

  • By email: (Please include your name, Chapman-ID, and use your Chapman email)
  • By fax: (714) 744-7995 (Please include your name, Chapman-ID, and your Chapman email)
  • By Phone: (714) 997-6649
  • In person:
    University Collections
    Bhathal Student Services Center
    One University Drive
    Orange, CA 92866

Once the balance is paid in full, the collections hold will be released at which time you may order transcripts, diploma and/or register for classes.