Pralle-Sodaro Hall
Pralle-Sodaro Hall is home exclusively to first year students and the Panda mascot.

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Pralle-Sodaro Hall is arranged into four floors, each with two wings. All rooms open to an interior hallway with the main stairwell in the center of the wings. The building offers underground parking that is reserved for students living on campus. Pralle-Sodaro is the closest residence hall to main campus.

+ - Room Amenities

  • Room measures approximately 19'4" x 11'5"
  • Twin extra-long bed for each resident
  • Dresser for each resident
  • Desk and desk chair for each resident
  • A/C & heater
  • 2 Ethernet connections; wireless Internet throughout building
  • 2 phone jacks
  • 1 bathroom (may be shared with adjoining room)
  • Walk-in closet in each room

To learn more about what you should bring with you to your Chapman room, visit Moving In.

+ - Building Features

  • Home to the First Year Residential Experience
  • Laundry on every floor
  • Study rooms with TV lounge on every floor
  • Two elevators, and central stairwell
  • Trash/recycling facilities on every floor

+ - Pralle-Sodaro Hall Staff 2016-2017

Resident Director Anne HarmonAnne Harmon
Resident Director
leah thomas
Alliyah Thomas
Lead RA
Rooms 103-120

Placeholder Photo
AJ Silva
Pralle-Sodaro RA
Rooms 123-140

jen cabrera
Jennifer Cabrera
Pralle-Sodaro RA
Rooms 201-221
tori edgar
Victoria Edgar
Pralle-Sodaro RA
Rooms 221-240
oliver kompst
Oliver Kompst
Pralle-Sodaro RA
Rooms 301-320
bobby cary
Robert Cary
Pralle-Sodaro RA
Rooms 321-340
nick marham
Nick Markham
Pralle-Sodaro RA
Rooms 401-420
nora filet
Nora Filet
Pralle-Sodaro RA
Rooms 422-440

Pralle-Sodaro Hall Facts

Built: 1992

Named for Robert R. and Helga Pralle & Donald E. and Dee Dee Sodaro

Available only for first year students

Hall Office: (714) 744-7645
Hall Office Hours: 5:00 PM - 12 AM


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Pralle-Sodaro Room Layouts

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