Morlan Hall at Chapman University
Morlan residents enjoy the open green spaces right outside their door.
Residence Life and First Year Experience

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Most Morlan Hall rooms open to grassy quad areas with paths, grills and picnic tables. The hall is comprised of two adjoining buildings - South Morlan (two stories) and North Morlan (three stories).

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+ - Room Amenities

  • North Morlan is suited - rooms are 19'10" x 14'1" and have a bathroom shared between two rooms
  • South Morlan rooms are 17'4" x 14'5" and have a private bathroom
  • Twin extra-long bed for each resident
  • Dresser for each resident Desk and desk chair for each resident
  • 1 bathroom (North Morlan shares bathroom between adjoining rooms)
  • 2 Ethernet connections; wireless internet throughout building
  • Central a/c & heat
  • 1 phone jack

To learn more about what you should bring with you to your Chapman room, visit Moving In.

+ - Building Features

  • Morlan Lounge (open for multipurpose use)
  • Community lounge with a television
  • Full kitchen
  • Study lounge
  • Trash/recycling facilities on every floor
  • Laundry room in North and South Morlan

+ - Morlan Hall Staff 2017-2018

Omar Zuwayed
Omar Zuwayed
Resident Director

Catherine Markey
Lead RA/South Morlan RA
Rooms 101-115

Ryan King
North Morlan RA
Rooms 140-155

Marshall Scott
North Morlan RA
Rooms 156-171

Alexander Thiersch
North Morlan RA
Rooms 240-255

Oliver Kompst
North Morlan RA
Rooms 256-271

Josh Baca
North Morlan RA
Rooms 340-355

Gabi Goodman
North Morlan RA
Rooms 356-371

Jade Michaels
South Morlan RA
Rooms 116-130

Sabrina Dworkin
South Morlan RA
Rooms 201-215

Nicklaus Markham
South Morlan RA
Rooms 216-238

Morlan Hall Facts

Built: South Morlan (1963); North Morlan (1969)

Named for Halford J. Morlan, M.D. & Perwlyn Bohrer Morlan

North Morlan is available for first year students; South Morlan is available for continuing undergraduate students

Hall Office: 714-532-6053
Hall Office Hours: 4 PM - 12 AM

Morlan Hall Pictures
Morlan Room Layouts

Morlan Room Layouts

Reserve a Room

Are you interested in reserving the Morlan lounge, quad or kitchen for a club/organization meeting or event? Please contact the Morlan Hall Office during their office hours to sign up for the space you need.