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» Fitness Challenge Points

CFC participants who have received at least 100 points by December 5, 2014, will have completed the Fall 2014 Fitness Challenge. Participants who have 100-199 points will be placed in the Bronze Level, 200-299 will be placed in the Silver Level, and 300 and up will be placed in the Gold Level. For every 100 points, at least 30 must be from the Health/Wellness category and at least 30 must be from the Fitness/Recreation category.

Health/Wellness Activities



Introduction to Mindfulness Sessions

1 session=10 points

Student Psychological Counseling Workshops

1 sessions=10 points

National Food Day

Attend=5 points; Volunteer=15 points

Weight the Waste

Volunteer=15 points

R.A.D. Training

15 points

Nutrition, Sleep, and Meditation Log

1 Log=5 points

Fitness/Recreation Activities



Chapman University 5K

20 Points

Residence Life Recreation Activity

15 Points

Student Union Fitness Sessions

10 Points

Rock Wall Certification

15 Points

Physical Activity Course for Credit

30 Points

Intramural Team

20 Points

Workout Log

1 hour=5 points

Personal Logs




Nutrition Log


1 Daily Log=5 points

Sleep Log


1 Weekly Log=5 points

Meditation Log


1 hour=5 points (submit when 1 hour has been completed)

Personal Workout Log


1 hour =5 points (submit logs in increments of 5 hours)

View the OrgSync calendar for additional point opportunities and information on CFC approved activities.

Depending on the activity, points will be submitted through an OrgSync form online or a personal log that can either be printed from OrgSync or picked up in the Fitness Center. These logs will be submitted at the Fitness Center Desk.

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If you have any questions, or suggestions for fitness or wellness programming, please contact us!

Argyros Fitness Center Guest Relations
(714) 516-5623

Mike Keyser
Assistant Director
Department of Student Engagement
(714) 628-7258

Emilie Wilson
Graduate Assistant Fitness & Recreation
Department of Student Engagement
(714) 516-5878