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Chapman University’s Alternative Break Program seeks to provide students with an opportunity to work with communities near and far in service and immersion experiences. Civic Engagement Initiatives offers several Alternative Break options with varying levels of direct service, learning, reflection and immersion. As participants, students further develop their civic identity and efficacy by sharing experience with, providing insight about and encouraging deliberation on economic, environmental and socio-political issues. The Program is committed to being a drug and alcohol-free program.

Participant Registration

Participant Registration

Participant Registration for 2019-2020 trips will be available in Fall 2019.  For more information, or to be placed on an interest list, email civic@chapman.edu.

Conservation in the Grand Canyon (Spring 2019)

horseshoe bend in the Grand Canyon, lakes and canyon pictured


Conservation in Weed, CA (Spring 2019)

Weed, CA sign in the center of the city of weed

Joshua Tree (Interterm 2019)

Joshua Tree desert landscape, trees on a desert landscape