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The Wellness Project

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The Wellness Project is composed of six avid undergraduates seeking to impact the Chapman community through prevention education via passive and active campaigns. We aim to increase healthy behaviors in the present and future through a multidimensional wellness approach and peer support.

Our team is supported by two graphic designers that help us deliver our message to the community through appealing and easily digestible imagery and graphics.


Who We Are

photo of Amber Skytte

Amber Skytte

Alcohol Education and Wellness Peer Educator
Amber Skytte is a junior majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication, and double minoring in nutrition and women studies. She is excited to use the lessons being taught in the classroom and bring them to life through the Wellness Project. You can usually find her sitting in Starbucks re-watching episodes of Parks and Rec.
photo of Clarissa Cordova

Clarissa Cordova

Alcohol Education and Wellness Peer Educator
Clarissa Cordova is a Senior Psychology and Sociology major at Chapman University. She is a First Generation College student which means that she is the first in her family to be pursuing a higher education. She is involved in many things on campus including the Wellness Project, UPB, LatinX Club, First Generation Ambassadors, and the Promising Futures Program. She is very excited to be on board with the team of peer educators and ready to take on her last year of undergrad.
photo of Megan Titus

Megan Titus

Alcohol Education and Wellness Peer Educator
Megan is a junior at Chapman University studying Screenwriting and Psychology, and she's thrilled to join the team of peer educators for The Wellness Project. She believes that everyone is worthy of pursuing personal wellness, and she hopes that, through this role, she can support her community in this pursuit. Clearly, she's a true Hufflepuff. She loves musical theatre and her pet bunny, S'mores, and in her free time, she enjoys going to Disneyland and having game nights with her friends.
photo of Naina Vyas

Naina Vyas

Alcohol Education and Wellness Peer Educator
Naina Vyas is a senior Psychology Major with a minor in Health Sciences. Her goal is to obtain a Masters in Public Health and to work with NGOs on global health campaigns. She is excited to use her passion for preventative health education and helping others to support Chapman University. When she's not in class, Naina likes to be very active and adventurous; she loves to hike, dance, ski, and surf.
photo of Rachel Rosenbloom

Rachel Rosenbloom

Alcohol Education and Wellness Peer Educator
Rachel Rosenbloom is sophomore double majoring in Integrated Educational Studies and Psychology with a minor in Dance. She is excited to be a part of The Wellness Project to help her peers receive the information they need to have a healthy and enjoyable college experience. Seattle born and raised, she loves being outside and cloud gazing. In her spare time, she also enjoys yoga, puzzles, and watching curling.
photo of Sravya Cherukuri

Sravya Cherukuri

Alcohol Education and Wellness Peer Educator
Sravya Cherukuri is a junior Strategic and Corporate Communication major at Chapman University. She is very excited to be a part of the Wellness Project and enliven her passion in supporting others by creating a healthy and friendly environment on campus. Besides working as a peer educator for the Wellness Project, she loves empowering others as the President of BEmpowered, drawing, and listening to various music genres in her free time. Finally, she hopes that she can make an impact and inspire others to make an impact as well.
photo of Christian Ledezma

Christian Ledezma

Graphic Designer
Christian Ledezma is a third year Graphic Design major from Los Angeles, California. He is involved with Soka Gakkai Chapman and involved in his Buddhist organization. Christian believes that art and design are very major aspects in our lives and influence the way we interact with others and our environments. He believes that good design makes better society and improves people’s life condition.
photo of Meg Greene

Meg Greene

Graphic Designer
Meg Greene is a senior Television Writing & Production Major with a minor in English. She is thrilled to use her passion for art and design to support Chapman University. In her free time, she listens to Dungeons & Dragons podcasts and re-watches campy horror movies.
photo of Brenda Gil

Brenda Gil

Healthy Panther Initiative Graduate Assistant
AF 302
Brenda obtained her Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Computing at UCLA and now pursues her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy here at Chapman. Ultimately, her passions will lead her to working with minority and underserved communities in the areas of intimate partner violence and substance abuse counseling. Brenda believes in a systems approach to maintaining healthy habits achieved by considering multiple aspects of wellness when discussing alcohol, drugs, and mental health.
photo of Sam Martinez

Sam Martinez

Outreach Coordinator for Wellness Promotion in RLFYE
Henley Hall
Sam Martinez is the Outreach Coordinator for Wellness Promotion in Residence Life and First Year Experience. She oversees the Wellness Project and the Alcohol Education & Wellness Peer Educators. Sam received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences at Hamline University, Masters in Public Health from San Diego State University, and is currently earning her Doctorate in Public Health from Claremont. Sam is interested in supporting healthy behaviors, is passionate about working with college students, and loves learning about innovative programming strategies. She is excited to continue to work with the Wellness Project to help support the well-being of the Chapman community.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Wellness Project through the Dean of Students Office is to promote methods to reduce substance abuse within the Chapman community and to foster a campus culture in which students feel empowered to engage in healthy behaviors individually and in their various relationships.