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The Wellness Project

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Spring into the Semester with The Wellness Project!

Come visit us at the Student Involvement Fair on Wednesday, February 14th from 11am - 1:30pm in Attallah Piazza and come meet us at our Wellness Meet and Greet on Thursday, February 15th from 4pm-6pm in the Student Union.

Look out for our poster campaign around campus promoting the various aspects of wellness and what it means to be intellectually, socially, emotionally, environmentally, spiritually, physically, and occupationally well!


Keep up with us and upcoming events by following us on social media at @cuwellnessproject!

Previous Events

D.R.E.S.S. Well, Test Well

The "D.R.E.S.S. Well, Test Well" event encouraged healthier choices during finals week related to De-Stressing, Reducing negative behaviors, Eating, Studying and Sleeping. This event provided students with fun activities, giveaways, snacks and a quiet place to study for finals!












Minding Mental Health 

Our Minding Mental Health Poster Campaign aimed to raise awareness of mental health topics such as anxiety, depression, sleep, fighting stigma and how to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
Click on the images below to view and download the full poster.

text that reads fight stigma around mental health with woman with hand on facetext that reads 'Feeling overwhelmed?' with man with face in his hands

text that reads 'What is sleep hygiene?' with clocktext that reads 'Are you getting enough sleep?' with woman laying on pillow with eyes open

text that reads 'Understanding Depression' with person with tears in eyestext that reads 'Understanding Depression' with different facts and topics about it

text that reads 'stress vs. anxiety'text that reads 'Tips to reduce anxiety'

Wellness Fest

text that reads 'wellness fest thursday october 5th'Our first Wellness Fest united various departments to promote health and wellness among students on a range of topics such as improving physical and mental health, enhancing sleep and self-awareness, encouraging healthy relationships and reducing stress and unhealthy alcohol and other drug use. Participating departments included Public Safety, Fitness and Recreation, the Center for Global Education, Greek Life, Residence Life, Student Health Center and the Interfaith Center.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Wellness Project through the Dean of Students Office is to promote methods to reduce substance abuse within the Chapman community and to foster a campus culture in which students feel empowered to engage in healthy behaviors individually and in their various relationships.