» Exam & Quiz Proctoring Policy

Student Responsibilities 

  • In order to schedule and take accommodated exams and quizzes at the Disability Services Testing Center (Testing Center), students must:
    1. Be registered with the Office of Disability Services (DS)
    2. Have testing accommodations approved by the DS Specialist or Director.
  • Students are required to send their Accommodation Letter to instructors prior to scheduling exams or quizzes at the Testing Center.
  • Students are responsible for scheduling all desired tests/quizzes via Accommodate at least 7 calendar days in advance during fall and spring semesters and at least 2 calendar days in advance during winter and interterm semesters. Apart from pop quizzes, instructors are not responsible for scheduling exams or quizzes for students.
  • Students are expected to schedule and take exams and quizzes on the same day and time as the rest of the class. Requests to schedule for an alternate day and/or time will only be permitted based upon an approved accommodation by the DS Specialist or Director or written agreement between the student and instructor.
  • To schedule a final exam during Final Exams Week, students must schedule testing appointments on Accommodate by the Friday of Week 11 for Fall and Spring Semesters and 2 days in advance for Interterm and Summer Sessions.
  • If final exams are not scheduled accordingly, students have the following options to receive testing accommodations:
    1. The student may take their final exam(s) at the Testing Center the week before Finals Week with documented approval from the instructor(s); or
    2. The instructor(s) and student can make alternate arrangements outside of the Testing Center for the student to take their final exam(s) with accommodations, proctored by the instructor(s) or another proctor appointed by the instructor(s); or
    3. The student will need to take their final exam(s) with the rest of the class on the day and time specified in the University Final Exam Week Schedule or course syllabus. Final exam dates/times vary by semester and can be found at chapman.edu/finals.

Proctoring Procedures

In an effort to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and security of each exam and quiz, Testing Center abides by the following proctoring procedures:

  • All exams and quizzes administered at the Testing Center are proctored/video monitored at all times, unless otherwise authorized by the instructor.
  • Extended time is calculated by the Testing Center according to the full class period unless otherwise confirmed by the instructor.
  • Delays in beginning an exam or quiz due to Testing Center operations or late exam delivery from an instructor will not reduce the student’s allotted time.
  • Testing Center staff only transcribe testing materials and content based upon the student’s approved accommodations;  they do not clarify, interpret, or modify questions or responses for students. 
  • Students are expected to arrive at the Testing Center with the authorized tools and materials the instructor has deemed necessary to complete the exam (e.g., green books, scantrons, calculators, etc.).
  • Changes or additions to any authorized tools or materials (e.g. calculator, notes, open book, etc.) to be utilized on an exam or quiz will not be made or allowed unless notification from the instructor has been received by the Testing Center email, phone call, or in-person verbal exchange.
  • Students who have questions or concerns about their exam or quiz must communicate them to the Testing Center staff right away to allow for timely answers and resolutions.
  • Testing Center staff will provide students support by either walking students to their classroom to ask their instructor questions or contacting the instructor on their behalf via email or phone.
  • Aside from test materials and writing implements, only items identified as an accommodation or items authorized by the instructor are allowed in the testing rooms.
  • Students must store all personal belongings in locations designated by the Testing Center. Testing Center staff are not responsible for lost or stolen belongings or technology stored in the storing area while students are taking exams or quizzes.
  • All cell phones, smart watches, and other unauthorized electronics or items are strictly prohibited at all times in designated testing areas and while the student is taking an exam or quiz, unless explicitly allowed by the instructor and communicated to the Testing Center.
  • Students are expected to uphold all university-wide academic integrity and conduct policies. Failure to uphold these policies may result in disciplinary actions or sanctions. 
  • All designated testing areas are equipped with clocks for students to monitor their testing time independently. When possible, Testing Center staff and proctors will provide 5-15 minute warnings.
* The Testing Center does not proctor standardized exams such as LSAT, GRE, MCAT, etc.

Rescheduling Policy

Requests to reschedule a booking request that has already passed will only be made if the student has an approved accommodation by the DS Specialist or Director or documented approval from their instructor. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Testing Center at least 24 hours in advance of their proposed reschedule time.

Late Arrival Policy

Students are expected to arrive at the Testing Center on time and begin their exam or quiz as scheduled. If the student arrives late to the Testing Center or arrives early but delays themselves from starting at the scheduled start time, the elapsed time will automatically be deducted from the student’s total time allowed.  In these cases, the scheduled end time will remain the same and will not be adjusted or extended.

Students who arrive significantly late (20 minutes or more) for an exam or quiz may not be allowed to start and may be required to contact their instructor to receive approval to start late. Until instructor approval is received, the Testing Center will not administer the exam or quiz.

Academic Dishonesty and Student Conduct

Due to the Testing Center’s duty to uphold academic integrity during test proctoring, all test-taking activities are monitored at all times. The Testing Center is equipped with room monitoring windows and video surveillance cameras. In areas where room monitoring windows and video surveillance cameras are not present, students are monitored by at least one proctor at all times. If a student is caught or suspected of any form of academic dishonesty or refuses to stop and surrender an exam or quiz, the Testing Center reserves the right to enter the designed testing area and ask the student to step out. The student may be allowed to continue their exam if deemed appropriate by Testing Center staff and/or course instructor.

Any incidents of academic dishonesty or student misconduct will be reported in the form of a Test Irregularity Report to the student’s instructor, DS Director and the Academic Integrity Board and may result in disciplinary actions or sanctions as described in the Academic Dishonesty Policy

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