» Accommodated Testing

The TLT provides coordination and facilitation of accommodated test taking for students who have been approved through Disability Services. To receive accommodations for a disability, please contact the Disability Services office. 

They are located at 410 N. Glassell (in the house next to Health Services).  You can contact their office by phone at 714-516-4520.

Exam Procedures:

If you receive testing accommodations, please be aware of the following guidelines for taking your exams at the TLT Center:

  • Before scheduling exams, students must inform their current professors of their accommodations as per the procedures determined by the Disability Services Office
  • All exams must be scheduled in person at the TLT office in DeMille 130
  • Exams must be scheduled with the TLT Center at least one week prior to the exam (one month for final exams)
  • Exams must be scheduled within 30 minutes of the class unless the professor’s approval has been obtained prior to scheduling the exam
  • Students are required to bring all necessary materials, such as Scantrons, Blue Books, writing utensils, calculators, etc.
  • All students must abide by standards of academic integrity as stated in the Chapman University catalog, including, but not limited to, the following standards: doing only your own work on exams, using books and/or notes only if specifically approved by the instructor, using no means of communication during the exam except with TLT staff

Please note: the TLT Center is unable to provide testing services for students who are not registered with Disability Services.