» Computational Sciences Graduate Conference

The annual Computational and Data Sciences Graduate Conference provides opportunities for graduate students in the Computational and Data Science (CADS) program to present their scholarly research before fellow students and faculty.

The conference showcases the outstanding and varied computational and data science research being done at Chapman University. This event provides a forum to exchange technical ideas and methods amongst researchers in an interdisciplinary program, spanning diverse fields, including:

  • applied mathematics;
  • high-performance computing;
  • economic systems modeling;
  • Big Data, machine learning, and data mining;
  • bioinformatics;
  • earth systems modeling;
  • computational biology, chemistry, and physics

When available, details for the upcoming conference can be found at events.chapman.edu. 

Details on recent past conferences can be found below:

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Robin Pendergraft 
Graduate Program Coordinator, Computational and Data Sciences