» Notice of Intent to Apply for External Funding

Please enter as much information as known and estimate answers if unsure.  Submitting this form will place you in our master Submission Calendar.  It is recommended that you submit this form at least 3-6 weeks in advance of sponsor deadlines.

You are encouraged to have informal discussions with your Chair or Dean concerning the potential project prior to submitting your Notice of Intent form to The Office of Research.

Is a pre-proposal/letter of intent (LOI) required?:
If above date left blank, is this an Open/Rolling Deadline?:
Does this funder limit the number of applications that Chapman may submit in a specified period?:
Will Chapman issue any subawards to collaborating institution(s)?

Provide Anticipated Project Performance Dates:

Is the cost share/matching required?:
Does Funding Agency limit F&A (indirect costs)?:
Human subjects Animal subjects Radiation, Chemical, or Biological Hazards

Please note that if any of the above are checked, the appropriate compliance committee will be informed of your intent to apply.

A copy of this Notice of Intent form will be emailed to your Dean/Director/Supervisor and Unit Contact.