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OURCA Ambassadors are a group of highly-motivated students who have a passion for research and/or creative activities. They serve as liaisons for OURCA at various events, discussing and highlighting all OURCA has to offer with faculty, students, and more. 

Ourca Am

Currently Accepting Applications

Students from ALL MAJORS are encouraged to apply!

OURCA Ambassadors will be selected on the basis of their application and an interview. In addition to enthusiasm and strong communication skills, we are looking for a diversity of majors including the fine and performing arts, humanities, and social sciences. Once selected, ambassadors will receive training.


Short answer questions (limit 650 characters, approximately 100 words):

1. Why would you be a great OURCA Ambassador?

2. What would you tell a student considering doing research/creative activity about your research/creative activity experience?

Required document from Faculty Mentor - All Applicants:

Letter of Support from faculty mentor endorsing the student's experience in research/creative activity, enthusiasm for learning, work ethic, and leadership skills. Faculty will receive an email prompting submission of the letter of support. Faculty must upload required letter of support within 3 business days of receiving the email prompt. 


All applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview upon receiving their application. 

+ - Responsibilities

  • Giving presentations to Freshman Interest Groups, classes, and student organizations about getting involved in undergraduate research and taking advantage of OURCA’s funding and programming opportunities.
  • Representing CU and the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity at various campus functions, events, and panels.
  • Represent and help in OURCA events; e.g. CUSRD, Faculty Research Expo, Workshop and Information Sessions, Lunch with a Professor.
  • Monthly meetings.

+ - Benefits

  • Make an impact on the educational experience of your peers and make a difference for future undergraduate researchers. 
  • Gain outreach and leadership experience for personal growth and résumé/CV building.
  • Opportunity to interact and network with students, faculty, and academic professionals.
  •  An opportunity for a great recommendation letter.

+ - Eligibility

  • Applications are open to all undergraduates in all disciplines
  • Must have successfully completed at least one semester of a 291/491 Student/Faculty Research or Creative Activity course or OURCA SURF fellowship
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Able to commit at least 20 hours a semester to the program.

OURCA Deadlines & Events 
Fall 2017 

October 2nd-6th
Randall Dining Commons 
Meal Voucher Required
Campus Wide 
October 2nd-5th
Tuesday, October 3rd
 AF 209C
Tuesday, October 3th
 AF 209C 
Wednesday, October 4th 
BK 404 
Thursday, October 5th
 AF 209C 
Thursday, October 5th 
AF 209C
Tuesday, November 7th
Friday, November 10th 
Wednesday, November 15th 
AF 209C
Wednesday, December 6th
Sandhu Conference Center 
Poster Sessions 2:00-4:00pm
Invitation Only
Wednesday, December 6th
BK 404