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Nathaniel WilcoxProfessor of Economics

Email: nwilcox@chapman.edu

Ph.D. (Economics), University of Chicago

B.S. (Economics), Binghamton University

Research Interests:

Decisions, Beliefs and Learning, Applied Econometrics, Experimental Methods

Recent Publications:

Wilcox, N. "Stochastically More Risk Averse:' A contextual theory of stochastic discrete choice under risk." Journal of Econometrics, 162(1), p. 89-104, May, 2011.

Ballinger, T. P., Hudson, E., Karkoviata, L. and Wilcox, N. "Saving Behavior and Cognitive Abilities." Experimental Economics, 14(3), p. 349-374, 2011.

Rutström, E. and Wilcox, N. "Stated beliefs versus inferred beliefs: A methodological inquiry and experimental test." Games and Economic Behavior 67(2), pp. 616-632, November, 2009.

CV of Nathaniel Wilcox

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