» Continue Your International Experience

Now that you are home, there are many ways to continue your study abroad experience and use your newly acquired skills and interests. Maybe you could even go abroad again as an undergraduate or graduate student! Please note that Chapman does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services, except for the official U.S. government resources. We encourage you to research any organization that provides services or information abroad regarding their business practices.

Also check out Activities and Events at Chapman for returning study abroad students. 

+ - International Involvement on Campus

+ - Fellowships, Scholarships, and Graduate Programs Abroad

Visit Chapman's Center for Undergraduate Excellence to learn about more opportunities and for guidance on choosing and applying to these exciting opportunities

Graduate School Abroad Opportunities

Read What You Need to Know About Studying in Graduate Schools Abroad by Ryan Allen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Attallah College of Educational Studies.

Chapman’s Career and Professional Development can help you explore graduate school options.

+ - Work or Volunteer Abroad

The following organizations are not affiliated, reviewed, or approved by Chapman. We encourage you to research any organization that provides work or volunteer experience abroad on their ethical values and practice in terms of program design, support resources, sustainability, and impact on the host community. Read this guide on ethics of volunteering and from Guidelines for International Volunteering from Idealist.org. Also read on caution of volunteering at orphanages while volunteer traveling at Orphanages.no.