• Jason Martin, Director of Organization Design, standing at podium delivering speech to Chapman staff members.
  • Group of Chapman staff members converse at table during the Summit.
  • Rachael Martin, Assistant Vice President of Talent Management, delivers a speech to Chapman staff members at the Summit.
  • Groups of Chapman staff members gathering in the Summit conference room smiling and engaging in conversation.
  • Tables occupied by Chapman staff members using their laptops to oversee data and discussions surrounding the Summit initiatives.
Human Resources

» Hire & Onboarding Summit

In Fall of 2019, Human Resources hosted a two-day summit to conduct a large-scale assessment of current state hiring and onboarding processes at Chapman University.

Over the course of two days, one hundred and fifteen (115) participants from every level of the organization provided valuable insight, input, opinions and perceptions about processes, procedures, pain-points, choke points and places where hiring and onboarding could be improved or clarified.

By the end of the summit, a summary was gathered that highlights three (3) main points:

  1. Key outcomes from the summit
  2. Feedback from the summit as it pertains to the development and redesign of the hire and onboarding processes in spring of 2020
  3. Recommendations on next steps based on that feedback.


View Hire & Onboard Executive Summary

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